Antonio Woods assaults girlfriend during phone call with her mother

36-year-old Antonio Woods had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Latisha Kelley, at their South 5th Street residence on the afternoon of February 25th. Kelley spoke with officers when they arrived, advising them that she and Woods had argued while she was on the phone with her mother. Woods then grabbed Kelley’s phone from her, striking her in the face, which left a small scratch on the left side of her lips. Officers deemed Woods as the primary aggressor, and he was taken into custody for domestic assault. When they got to booking, officers found 1.2 grams of a white, powdery substance in Woods’ right sock. Woods was additionally charged with bringing contraband into a penal institution.

Woman to Nashville Cop: “I’ll get away with it cause I’m white” — Tammera Lee arrested

Police say 42-year-old Tammera Lee drove her vehicle into a secured DCSO facility parking lot behind a staff member on S. 5th Street. Police were alerted when the unknown woman appeared to be heavily intoxicated. Officer Ronald Conner responded and Lee admitted to drinking prior to driving and responded with a “Fuck You!” when asked to perform field sobriety tests. She continued to be belligerent with the officer as he noticed several alcoholic beverages in plain sight within her vehicle. As she was informed she was being arrested for DUI, she replied “I’ll get away with it cause I’m white” according to the arrest report.

Man and 3 juveniles run from police after abandoning stolen car

24-year-old Jaurez Montgomery was charged with theft of property, evading arrest, and three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor after he ran from police in a stolen car.