DUI: Moonshine Mama Felicia Caneva was belligerent with first responders trying to help her

45-year-old Felicia Caneva crashed her 2022 Toyota Prius in South Nashville late Saturday night after “a few drinks,” according to Metro Nashville Police. Officers arrived at the scene to find her being belligerent with Nashville Fire Department medics and yelling profanities at them. She then demanded the responding officers drive her home. She was arrested and charged with DUI. During an inventory search of the vehicle, a glass jar of suspected moonshine was located, about 3/4th full. By the time she arrived at the booking, the transporting officer reported she was in “a deep sleep, snoring.”

Kurdish Pride Gang Member Bejar Mustafa charged with multiple felony assaults

28-year-old Kurdish Pride Gang (KPG) member Bejar Mustafa was taken into custody late Thursday night on three outstanding warrants charging him with three counts of felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Police say in July 2020, he pulled his black Lexus alongside the vehicle of Ali Almosawi, just inches from his door. Mustafa reportedly rolled down his window and threatened to kill the victim or have his “boys” carry it out, while pointing a black handgun at the man.

In August 2022, Mustafa and Iden “brows” Salman approached a vehicle at a CVS on Harding Place, and Mustafa spat on Berrin Girismen, who was in the vehicle with Nazanin Ahmadzadegan. Mustafa and Salman chased the car as it fled, and Salman eventually fired two shots into it. He posted a $50,000 bond immediately after being booked.

Joseph Griffith fights brother in attempt to bring gun into Diamante Night Club in south Nashville

21-year-old Joseph Griffith was taken into custody after getting into a fight with his brother, Christopher Griffith, when Christoper attempted to stop him from bringing a gun into the Diamante Night Club in south Nashville. The two physically fought in the parking lot, leaving both with visible injuries to their faces. Joseph was cleared at the hospital and then transported to booking, where a full body scan at intake revealed a 9mm bullet rolled up in the front pocket of his jeans.

Critically Endangered Cotton-Top Tamarin Born at Nashville Zoo

The Nashville Zoo is excited to announce the birth of a cotton-top tamarin monkey. The baby was born on May 29 to 8-year-old Caqueta (mom) and 17-year-old Pancho (dad) and the sex has yet to be determined. This species is among the most endangered primates in the world so each birth in human care is crucial to the survival of the species

Sandra Gonzalez charged with assault of her daughter and sister in South Nashville

25-year-old Sandra Gonzalez is charged with the domestic assault of her daughter and her sister after police say she hit her sister’s vehicle in the driveway of a South Nashville residence. As Gonzalez left her vehicle, she reportedly came toward her sister, Herenira Morales, aggressively and repeatedly struck her during the assault. While approaching her sister, she pushed down her juvenile daughter, leaving her with abrasions to her knees. Video of the incident was preserved for court.

VIDEO: Man arrested after causing a disturbance at Roma’s Pizza — Jordan Wilkinson

24-year-old Jordan Wilkinson made a scene inside Roma’s Pizza (video included in story), accusing them of being human traffickers, and stealing his things, while wearing his socks without shoes early Sunday morning. Once police arrived, he began running back and forth across Bell Road, causing traffic to abruptly stop multiple times. He was eventually taken into custody for disorderly conduct, but not before a short tussle with officers who were trying to handcuff him.

Woman charged with stealing pills, destroying home of woman who helped her with shelter during storm — Kayla Pemberton

27-year-old Kayla Pemberton was booked into the Meto Nashville Jail Tuesday on several outstanding warrants which stemmed from her stay with a South Nashville resident. Warrants allege that in February a resident allowed Pemberton and her son to temporarily stay with her for a few days due to the winter storms. When she advised them they had to leave when the storms were over, Pemberton allegedly became angry and started “destroying the apartment” by throwing things around and breaking them, including cups and an ashtray, which caused damage to the carpet.

The victim, who is in a wheelchair, says Pemberton pushed her which caused bruising to her arms, and took a bottle of approximately 50 prescription pills and food before finally leaving the apartment as requested. Officers documented the disarray of the apartment, including broken dishes on the floor. Kayla Pemberton is charged with assault, theft, and vandalism, and is free on a $3,000 bond.

Man charged after altercation with security at Las Nenas Bar in Antioch — Jason Ochoa #PublicIntoxication

22-year-old Jason Muralles-Ochoa was charged with public intoxication overnight at the Bar Billares Las Nenas in Antioch after he and a friend got into an altercation with security. Police stopped him from attempting to drive away, and when he became verbally aggressive with them, too, he was booked on the charge of public intoxication.

Man charged after pushing girlfriend into rose bush while chasing her

27-year-old Taylor Smith is free on a $3,000 bond after pushing his girlfriend into a rose bush while chasing her through a South Nashville neighborhood.

Man steals woman’s keys, chases her down the street during clothing exchange

41-year-old Cedric Gaines was charged with theft of property and domestic assault after stealing a woman’s keys and chasing her down the street because he believed the clothes being returned to him had been doused in lighter fluid.