Man shoves victim down staircase and breaks his ribs because he asked for money

51-year-old Alvin Eaton was charged with aggravated assault after a man told police he shoved him a staircase for asking about the money he was owed for driving him to his girlfriend’s house.

Travaris Pulse Blows a .13 After Driving Down Steps: DUI Arrest

We all saw the car driving down the steps at 5th & Main over the weekend, but in case you didn’t we have videos and photos below. The man in the driver’s seat was Travaris Pulse, 32, of Ewing Valley Rd, in Nashville. According to reports, police asked Pulse about the accident where his car became stuck going down a set of stairs onto the street below, to which Pulse responded that he actually drove down SEVERAL sets of stairs from the parking area before getting stuck. Pulse admitted to having a…