1 car, 2 men; both butts stuffed with drugs.

A routine traffic stop in North Nashville, where both occupants of a vehicle denied having drugs and refused a strip search, resulted in DCSO Booking officers finding their buttocks stuffed with heroin and cocaine. Ladarrius Page & Ronnie Sims were arrested.

Kristi Smith Arrested. DCSO: She had a syringe WHERE?

If you thought your Monday was bad this week, here’s a line from a charging affidavit for Kristi Lea Smith, from the DCSO (Davidson County Sheriff’s Office): “UPON A SEARCH IN DCSO CUSTODY, DAVIDSON COUNTY SHERIFF DEPUTIES LOCATED A SYRINGE IN THE DEFENDANT’S VAGINA.” Kristi Lea Smith was initially arrested on drug paraphernalia charges on Monday, after she was found to have been in a vehicle with someone that had overdosed, who medics eventually found slumped over the steering wheel in the vehicle. Witnesses place her in the vehicle, and…