Brittany Dugger: Once A Stripper, Always a Stripper? (w/Video!)

Brittany Dugger, who we’ve covered in the past, was once a stripper, and she sought out the “Nashville Strip Church” to help her raise money so she could get out of stripping, and back into culinary school so she could go on to open or work at one restaurant that flopped, and now working on another – Tartufo, which is priced the same as the old strip club pricing. So she raised $1,025 via GoFundMe to help her stop stripping, and started going to school, and what is she doing…

Sighting: DeJa Vu’s Company Jet – Strippers Fly In Style

Seen at the Nashville Airport on Friday afternoon, a Deja Vu company jet, a Syberjet SJ30, not too shabby. Apparently the stripper industry is recession proof. Maybe this is how Sassee Cassee and Mama June got to town? Have YOU been  on a Deja Vu jet? Tell us about it, or anything else interesting! [stextbox id=”info” caption=”Got A Tip?” collapsing=”false” collapsed=”false” mode=”css”]Got A Tip? Submit it online or email![/stextbox]