Guilty Vanderbilt Nurse Radonda Vaught still faces perjury charge for lying on gun store purchase while awaiting trial

Now that disgraced Vanderbilt Nurse Radonda Vaught has been found guilty of criminally negligent homicide and gross neglect of an impaired adult for her actions responsible for a patient’s death, she must still face a perjury charge related to a gun store purchase while awaiting trial in the homicide case. In materials that prosecutors from the District Attorney’s Office were prepared to use had Vaught taken the stand is a copy of an affidavit charging Vaught with lying to the government once before.

The Jury would have heard how she attempted to pick up two AR-15 Lower Receivers from a local gun store, swearing she wasn’t under any felony indictments – despite being arrested and booked on a felony reckless homicide indictment months earlier, for which she was currently out on bond. Once caught, she would admit she had “some court stuff going on”, downplaying the felony reckless homicide indictment she was facing.

Man with felony evading warrant attempts to flee police while in custody

21-year-old Gievanne Ashley was charged with escape of custody after attempting to flee while being placed into custody for an active warrant in Sumner County. Ashley reportedly ran across Rivergate Pkwy and through an Ace Hardware parking lot before being apprehended.

Jamie Tice’s Instagram: Dozens of Images & Videos of her Underage Victim Remain on her Active Hidden Account

Since first breaking the Jamie Tice story in December, our inbox has been inundated with tips about her activities, details about her relationship with her church’s youth group, & even concerns over her social media activity. Over the past couple of weeks we have managed to see some of it, first hand. If you’re just now hearing of Jamie Tice, she is the 37 year old mother of 6, and a leader of her church youth group, that had sex with her daughter’s 15 year-old boyfriend over 20 times in…

37yo Jamie Tice says she had sex with 14yo boy in “Every Room of the House” – Statutory Rape

ENN recently received the arrest warrants from the Sumner County charges against Jamie Tice, who has admitted to having a sexual relationship with her daughter’s 14 year old boyfriend. Tice is 37 years old. The arrest affidavits detail out the charges, there are 5 charges, each covering a different period of the year, in addition to the Davidson County Charges. The most revealing detail is where Tice states that she had sex with the 14 year old in “every room of the house over the year” – where she lives…

Statutory Rape Arrest: Jamie Tice(37) Had Sex with Daughter’s 14yo Boyfriend 20+ Times

37 year old Jamie Tice of Hendersonville, was arrested in Nashville on Tuesday after an admission of having a sexual relationship with a 14 year old male, who was her daughter’s boyfriend. According to police reports from multiple counties, she had sexual intercourse with the 14 year old male approximately 20 times in the past year. When she was arrested for the two counts in Nashville on Tuesday, she was already out on bond from Sumner county, for 5 identical statutory rape charges stemming from a November arrest. UPDATE: 37yo Jamie…