Chief of Staff to POTUS advisor charged with 3rd DUI at The Goat in Mt. Juliet

36-year-old Randi Butler was charged with her third driving under the influence when authorities found her unresponsive behind the wheel of a running vehicle at The Goat. Butler’s social media claims she’s the Chief of Staff for Reagan/Trump advisor Arthur Laffer.

Metro Public Works Operator Charged with DUI & Heroin Hours Before a Court Date for Drug Charges – Marty Ragland

Marty Ragland(Jr.) has a heroin problem. And a theft/shoplifting problem. And a Driving while intoxicated problem. And an assaulting other humans problem. Marty Ragland also works as a Nashville Metro Government Employee. He works in the Public Works department – as an equipment operator (driving & operating heavy things), where his father also happens to be a District Supervisor, in the Public Works department. So, why doesn’t Metro have a problem? Just before 3AM on this past Wednesday, 01/17/18, just hours before he was scheduled to appear in court in…