Suspect jumps from moving vehicle; 48 syringes, 7.2 grams meth; “I sell meth to have a place to live”

#AFFIDAVIT: “.25 grams is 1 hit of meth, 7.2 grams would equal 28.8 hits of meth. The average hit lasts 12 hours. If Ethan Conner took .25 grams every 12 hours, he would be high for 14.4 days straight”
-Goodlettsville Officer Jeffrey Hunter

ARREST: Nashville Pizza Delivery Guy Gets High, Passes Out in Car for Several Hours while On Duty – Cody Boaz

How late was your pizza? Early Sunday morning MNPD arrested a driver for Domino’s Pizza after receiving a complaint that his vehicle had been parked at a business running, and had not moved in several hours. Officers found Cody Alan Boaz, 27, asleep in the still running vehicle when they arrived. Upon waking him up, he stated he had fallen asleep while on duty working for Dominos. When the driver’s door was opened, officers report a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle, and a marijuana pipe with marijuana…