Intoxicated woman wrecks car at police headquarters & urinates on their steps — April Watkins arrested

Metro Nashville Police say 46-year-old April Watkins crashed her vehicle into the concrete outside of MNPD Headquarters, located at 600 Murfreesboro Pike, in the early morning hours of December 3rd. A Metro Security Officer disabled her vehicle so she wouldn’t drive away, and responding police officers found the “highly intoxicated” woman squatting while urinating on the steps of the facility. She was half-dressed with her legging pulled down and shirt half-off, according to a police report. She was so intoxicated that field sobriety tests were unable to be performed, and officers say they found prescribed Hydrocodone in her vehicle during a tow inventory, and believe that could have attributed to the unusually high level of intoxication. Watkins is free on pre-trial release.

TABC Agents jail server at Ninki Japanese for serving 19-year-old a bud light — Petrus Sukodarmanto

TABC agents arrested 58-year-old Petrus Sukodarmanto into jail this week after observing him serving alcohol to a 19-year-old female informant at Ninki Japanese Steakhouse. He is free on pre-trial release.