Victoria Anderson tosses drink in woman’s face, sends her to surgery after attack at Sonny’s Bar

Abigail Wate Ayala says she was at Sonny’s Bar on December 12th with her ex-boyfriend when 27-year-old Victoria ‘Toria’ Marie Anderson suddenly appeared at the bar and tossed a drink onto her before exiting the building. As Abigail and her ex were leaving the bar an hour later, Toria Anderson was still outside waiting for them. Toria shoved Abigail from behind, causing her to sustain serious injuries, including a torn UCL and fractures to her elbow, requiring surgery. Toria also took Abigail’s cell phone from her and deleted the video that she had recorded of the altercation, then smashed the phone onto the ground. Officers obtained security footage of the attacks and took out warrants for Anderson, including one for felony aggravated assault, and she was taken into custody this week.

Man transports friend who shot himself in downtown Nashville on bird scooter to hotel, hides gun — Corey Oakes arrested

25-year-old tourist Corey Oakes, from Kentucky, is charged with tampering with evidence and public intoxication after he carried his friend, who shot himself in the leg in downtown Nashville while drinking, on a bird scooter back to the Cambria hotel and parked him at the entrance while he returned to their room upstairs to hide the gun. When police responded to the shooting call at the hotel they located the victim and Oakes, who was extremely intoxicated, and admitted his friend “may have possibly shot himself” and admitted to returning the gun to their room. Oakes is free on pre-trial release.

Mother jailed after deleting texts between her son and the woman he’s charged with murdering

NEW: Robert Johnson, the man who is charged with murdering his girlfriend, Pamela Paz, and trying to sell a car with her dead body in the back seat, exchanged text messages with the murder victim from his mother’s phone on the day she died. His mother, 67-year-old Naomi D. Wolf has now admitted to deleting those text messages. She was jailed Thursday, charged with tampering with evidence.

Man seeks revenge on behalf of sister; gets another man killed

20-year-old Kevontae Hammonds was charged with reckless endangerment and tampering with evidence after retaliation for his sister turned deadly.

Man throws syringe out window; charged with tampering of evidence

27-year-old Jonathan Galindo was charged with possessing a suspended license and tampering with evidence after he threw a syringe and baggie out of the window before the driver sped away from the traffic stop.

Man on traffic stop charged with drug paraphernalia and tampering with evidence

21-year-old Derrick Payne was charged with unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and tampering with evidence after officers pulled him over for failing to make a complete stop at an intersection.

Whitney Warren re: MNPD: “I made that officer do his job, I boxed his little ass” – and she did!

During the fight, Warren grabbed for Officer Gonzalez’s gun multiple times, and screamed: “Give me that gun, bitch!”