Sara Glover spits on husband Zachary Glover when he refuses to move out of the way

29-year-old Sara Amber Shipp Glover and 39-year-old husband Zachary Glover were jailed this week after police say spat in her husband’s face after he stopped on the stairs in front of her and would not move. Zachary admitted to restricting her movement on the staircase, preventing her from freely moving about the house. Police say this was not the first time they have responded to a domestic-related call at their residence.

In 2021, Zac Glover was previously charged with domestic assault after admitting to pushing an apple smoothie into the face of his wife, Sara Amber, during an argument on a Monday morning. She threw the cup back at him, but not before the smoothie mixture had covered her face, body, floor, and walls.

Woman claims she was run off the road by ex in attempt to cover up DUI — Mary McDonough

30-year-old Mary McDonough is charged with DUI after she crashed into a utility pole and large water storage tank which belonged to Army Surplus on Nolensville Pike. McDonough initially told officers she was “ran off the road by her ex-boyfriend who was stalking her”, and that she had urinated on herself because “police scared her when they arrived”. She is free on pre-trial release.

DUI: Thomas Courtney tells police he’s “in his bed” when found asleep behind the wheel in traffic

51-year-old Thomas Courtney, of Mt. Juliet’s Courtney’s Restaurant & Catering, told officers he thought he was “in his bed” when they found him asleep behind the wheel of a running car late Thursday night, heavily intoxicated