Intoxicated woman jumps out of taxi on interstate, says “driver was weird” — Rachel Monahan

Metro Nashville Police say 28-year-old Rachel Monahan was heavily intoxicated and riding in the back of a taxi on I-40 when she apparently opened the door and jumped out of the vehicle, running toward the side of the road. The driver alerted police, who located her at mile marker 215, where she told them she had “a lot” to drink, and jumped out of the cab because she thought her taxi driver “was weird”. Officers charged her with public intoxication and transported her to booking.

ARREST: Former Black Hawk Pilot Assaults Cab Driver When He’s Locked In for Non-Payment #WhatDidYouExpect?

We’re not sure why anyone is still using taxi-cabs in 2017, but here we are. Cab driver won’t unlock doors for military veteran when he can’t pay the $35 fare. Army vet assaults the cab driver, driver keeps him locked in, drives back to original location where cops are waiting. There’s SO much wrong with this, not the first of which is that a cab driver locked a customer in their vehicle and drove for 10 miles back to downtown. Kidnapping, anyone? Brandon Kaiser, 24,  was partying the night away…