Drunk man found passed out in taxi

26-year-old Debayan Bose was charged with public intoxication after he was found passed out in a taxi cab.

Drunken tourist tells MNPD ‘just take me to jail’; they oblige

21-year-old Alahna Leonardo was taking a mini-vacation to the Opryland Hotel this weekend, when police say she got so intoxicated she was unsteady and slurring her speech. She called Metro Police to report a stolen wallet but decided to just walk around the hotel when they arrived and then told them ‘Just take me to jail!’ They did.

Uber/Lyft Driver Kathy Haggstrom Tidwell – Takes CASH for rides, Bypassing Uber/Lyft App, Putting Passengers @ Risk

We’ve frequently covered Nashville Uber & Lyft Drivers that accept cash money for rides, bypassing the Uber (or Lyft) app, and putting their riders in danger, as they are no longer covered by any agreement, or insurance coverage. It’s becoming a major problem, and is illegal in Tennessee – this is why the TLC exists – you can’t just take cash for rides without going through the proper licensing, background checks, insurance coverage, etc. However, drivers still believe this is perfectly acceptable behavior, and continue to choose greed over safety.…

Uber Driver Jerimy Chittom will take “those people (immigrants)” to INS Office instead of requested destination

On Wednesday, there was an immigration vigil in Nashville, and notably there were many more people using Lyft than Uber to get to the event, mainly due to each companies response to the President’s actions this week, and the massive #DeleteUber movement – and the ride share drivers, who often drive for both companies in Nashville, took quick notice. One driver that uses both apps posted about the surge in Lyft Riders, and the lack of Uber riders going to the same place: Nashville Uber driver Jerimy Chittom was quick…