Man fights over wrong Uber

29-year-old Aaron Hyman was charged with public intoxication after getting into a fight over an Uber on Broadway.

Unprovoked drunk knocks man unconscious; claims he needed to “defend” himself

28-year-old Logan Pierce was charged with public intoxication and aggravated assault resulting in serious bodily injury after he knocked a man unconscious because he thought the victim “moved at him aggressively.”

3 FIRED for brutal assault of tourist in early June at a downtown bar

We can now confirm that 3 employees of Tequila Cowboy(TC Restaurant Group) have been terminated as a result of the brutal assault of a patron that continued even after they handcuffed him while he was on the floor, eventually sending him to the hospital after Metro Police say the staff illegally detained the victim while beating him.

Sexual Assault Arrest at Tequila Cowboy

Austin Winstead was being escorted out of the bar for being disorderly, when he smacked a lady on the ass as private security officers were attempting to remove him from the bar. After committing sexual assault on the woman, he began to assault the four security officers as they continued to attempt to remove him from the property.

ARREST: Chase Clark Knocks Drunk Brother Out with Choke Hold to get him into an Uber | Tequila Cowboy

Some Christmas Eve’s are better than others. In the early morning hours of Sunday, Police arrived to 3rd Ave North, just outside of Tequila Cowboy, to find a man on the ground, unconscious. As it turned out, this was a result of his brother putting him in a choke hold to knock him out, after his now unconscious brother attempted to “kick him in the nuts”. Here’s what happened. The two brothers, from Benton KY, were drinking at Tequila Cowboy downtown when the bouncer told Chase Clark that his brother…