Timothy Weems charged with DUI after drinking at the Thirsty Turtle Bar in Nashville

51-year-old Timothy Weems told Metro Nashville Police he consumed “6 to 7 beers” at the Thirsty Turtle bar before driving in the early hours of Friday morning in Antioch. Officers initially made the traffic stop on his vehicle after he was varying between fast and slow speeds and repeatedly crossing over the double-yellow lines. Weems was transported to booking, and charged with DUI.

Kierah Quendasia Pruitt charged with assaulting her girlfriend at the Thirsty Turtle in Antioch

25-year-old Kierah  Quendasia Pruitt was booked into jail on an outstanding warrant charging her with domestic assault. Police say she was at the Thirsty Turtle on Bell Road on May 5th with her girlfriend, Kendraneisha Lochelle Burks, and the two got into an argument about who would drive home. At some point in the argument, Pruitt reportedly grabbed her lover by the shirt and punched her in the face several times. A witness also says Pruitt punched the victim again on the way home while at a red light.