Homeless woman slashes tire in Thorntons parking lot

38-year-old Bobbie Dolan was charged with vandalism after she slashed a woman’s tire at Thorntons on Charlotte Pike.

Man charged with DUI tells officers “I hope it’s all out of my system” before blood draw

21-year-old Denzel Washington was charged with driving under the influence when an attendent told officers he hit a gas pump twice and he claimed he got “just a little too close.” He also declared “I hope it’s all out of my system” before a blood draw.

Man pulls gun on woman in Thornton’s parking lot

42-year-old James Wentworth was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he pulled a gun on a woman trying to leave Thornton’s parking lot.

Fail: He tried to Rob Thorton’s. He tried to hide his face – He failed at both.

The man who tried to rob Thornton’s convenience market on Lebanon Pike at 3:35 a.m. on Sunday waited too late to pull up his bandana mask, resulting in his face being photographed as he walked up to the front door. The clerk also rebuffed his robbery demands for cash, making this the most epic robbery attempt of 2019.