Man tells ex-girlfriend she has 7 days to get the f*** out of town in harassing voice message

27-year-old Samuel Worley was charged with harassment after he told his ex-girlfriend she, “has until the 29th to get the F*** out of town,” because he is tired of her bullsh*t and drama.

Katie Quackenbush vs. WSMV: “F**k the hillbilly news there”

Last Thursday, Dec 7th, Katie Quackenbush’s father (Jesse) emailed WSMV journalist Kara Apel about a story that she published. He said that she was “pathetic” and hoped that “someday you find yourself confronted by a psychotic man threatening to kill you on a dark street”. Katie Quackenbush is charged with the attempted murder of Gerald Melton. Then things got interesting. Apel forwarded the email to WSMV lawyers, who replied with essentially a cease and desist notice, inferring that further direct contact would escalate things legally after the notice to stop.…