Savannah Grantt, 24, jailed after having sex with 17-year-old boyfriend

24-year-old Savannah Grantt had an altercation at her residence with an underage male whom she had been intimate with on January 29th. Officers initially responded to a domestic in progress, arrived, and discovered the age disparity, with him being 17 and her 24. He and Grantt argued over her seeing someone else, and it escalated physically. The juvenile’s mother was present and advised officers that Grantt and her son were in a sexual relationship. The juvenile victim told them that they had been dating for 8-9 months and had sex regularly in Wilson and Davidson County. Grantt admitted to having oral sex with him in the past after knowing his age but denied any penile intercourse. She said that they only had sex in Wilson County, and when asked why specifically there, she replied, “They did it where they could.” Due to her admission and JV’s age, Grantt was taken into custody for statutory rape.

Model Malik Perry breaks boyfriend’s mirror, pours juice on kitchen floor during argument

21-year-old Malik Perry and his boyfriend, LaQuest Ware, were in a heated argument at 9 a.m. on January 31. Malik reportedly pushed Ware, tore up their shared apartment, and poured juice all over the kitchen floor, which was observed by responding officers. A mirror belonging to Ware was also destroyed by Malik in a fit of rage. Malik admitted the mirror solely belonged to his boyfriend and that he destroyed it. Perry was taken into custody and charged with domestic-related vandalism. At the time of his arrest, Perry was also served an outstanding warrant from 2020 for driving without a license.

Dalton Holdman charged with DUI after Saturday crash

27-year-old Dalton Holdman was involved in a car crash Saturday and, when asked what happened, told police he didn’t remember and that everything was “still a blur.” He reportedly reeked of alcohol and had slurred speech during his interactions with officers. Inside the car, officers found an open beer can with only a small amount of liquid remaining inside. He was transported to Vanderbilt for minor injuries and later charged with driving under the influence (DUI).

Nacara Newton charged with slapping husband when he accused her of being unfaithful

41-year-old Nacara Newton is charged with slapping her husband, Ishmael Bartholomew, in the face on November 7th during an argument about her being unfaithful to their marriage. Nacara initially denied the assault but, during further questioning, admitted she “swiped her hand across his face,” according to police. Nacara’s daughter witnessed the assault.

Nashville woman charged with felony burglary for pushing out $110 from Walmart

23-year-old Thomesha Pointer now faces a felony burglary charge after Metro Nashville Police responded to the Dickerson Pike Walmart on June 7th, where loss prevention had observed Pointer put $110.97 worth of merchandise in a shopping cart and push it past all points of sale without paying for it. Loss prevention provided MNPD with a trespass notice, which Pointer had signed on March 18th, for all Walmart properties, which elevated the charge from petty theft to felony burglary.

Unique Chambers was “extremely combative” with police after fighting another female in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police say they encountered 21-year-old Unique Chambers near 4th & Broadway in downtown Nashville, fighting Mikianna Burns just before 2 a.m. Saturday. Chambers had to be forcibly detained. and was extremely uncooperative and combative with police throughout their interactions. She reportedly attacked one officer as he came up to stop the fight; however, she says she wasn’t aware he was an officer coming up behind her at the time.

Woman faces drug paraphernalia charge after traffic accident — Emily Goforth arrested

Police say 27-year-old Emily Goforth hit the vehicle in front of her while driving Monday night. When police responded to the accident, they discovered she had an outstanding warrant for a probation violation, and during the search for that arrest, police found what they believe to be a crack pipe with white residue on it. She is free on a $1,500 bond.