Wisconsin tourist too drunk for Tootsies: Jacob Jasperson

34-year-old Jacob Jasperson, of Wisconsin, came to Tootsies Tuesday night for entertainment but ended up being restrained and spending a few hours in jail after he refused to cooperate with downtown officers, despite being given the opportunity to walk away. He was, indeed, too drunk for Tootsies.

Tootsie’s Patron to Security: I’m a boxer, m– f–! #Punched #Arrested

36-year-old Cole Dawson Yeager reportedly told Tootsie’s security “I’m a boxer, mother f—–!” before punching the security guard, after being escorted from the venue to the back alley.

Anthony Giorgianni – Arrested for Grabbing Asses at Tootsie’s | Sexual Battery

Anthony Giorgianni was arrested early Saturday on two counts of sexual battery (SEXUAL BATTERY / T.C.A. 39-13-505 / NO CONSENT). Per police reports, he grabbed the butt cheeks of two different females, while walking up the steps of Tootsie’s. One victim reports her left butt cheek was grabbed from under her dress, and the other victim reports her right butt cheek was squeezed from the outside of her dress. Both victims were reported to have been “extremely offended and distraught over the incident”. Giorgianni, according to his professional profile, is a Physiotherapist…