Esther Martinez offered to carry out sex scenes from “Bridgerton” for MNPD Officer to let her go #ThisIsRealLife

After crashing her car, 32-year-old Esther Martinez explained to Officer Growneweg that she had just come from watching the show Bridgerton while drinking heavily, to celebrate graduating from rehab earlier in the day, celebrating two months of sober-living housing. She was drinking tequila, straight from the bottle, per her own account, along with prescription pills. As it was being explained she was being arrested and charged with DUI, she proceeded to make continued and progressive sexual comments, which she says came from acting out scenes from the Bridgerton show, toward the officer. She talked about showing her breasts to maybe dissuade the DUI charge, even offering sex or oral sex in the back of the patrol car in exchange for a total release from custody. She told the officer the show had made her horny like this.

Woman traps & pepper-sprays ex-boyfriend in parking garage just 4 hours after the breakup

38-year-old Tamara Nance was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Wednesday, after police say she blocked her ex-boyfriend’s vehicle in a parking garage so he couldn’t escape and chased him through the parking garage and into the emergency department, all while showering him with pepper spray and screaming at him. This incident occurred just four hours after the couple ended their dating relationship.