Man charged with theft after being found in stolen Ford truck on Gallatin Pike

Feat Bowman Randell

38-year-old Randell Bowman was charged with theft of a vehicle after officers saw him driving a white Ford F-150 on Gallatin Pike that was reported stolen.

Slumped man tells police “I am going nowhere then somewhere and poof” at the scene of accident

25-year-old Zachary Stanfield was charged with driving under the influence, implied consent, and violation of open container law when he struck a pole and was found slumped over when police arrived. He then told officers “I am going nowhere and then somewhere and poof”.

Nashville Company Hangs Black Baby Doll from Work Van Ladder

We received a tip of this on Thursday morning, a white work-van with commercial tags, had a black baby doll, hanging from a ladder atop the work vehicle, with the rope around it’s neck, driving around Nashville. We have not yet determined who the owner of the vehicle is. This was located near Antioch Pk.