Shrey Patel booked after selling alcohol to minor at Cane Ridge Liquors

23-year-old Shrey Patel was issued a citation on December 14th after TABC agents conducted a minor compliance check at Cane Ridge Liquors on Old Hickory Boulevard. Patel is a clerk at this location and sold a bottle of wine called “Malvasia Dolce” to a 19-year-old informant. Patel did not check the individual’s ID before making the sale. A TABC agent witnessed the sale. Shrey Patel was booked on the citation on January 9th.

Kelsey Ristau charged with selling alcohol to a minor at Nashville restaurant

27-year-old Kelsey Ristau sold and served a 12 oz Bud Light beer to a minor (under 21) at Rock N Roll Sushirock in Donelson, according to agents with the TABC (Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission) who were conducting compliance checks on May 16. The underage person had an ID with a birthday of 05/30/2003, making her 19 at the time of purchase. Agents say Ristaue checked the ID and continued to make the sale.

MNPD shuts down neighborhood alcoholic drink salesman Xavier Nicholson

Xavier Nicholson FEAT

24-year-old Xavier Nicholson was booked this week on a citation after police saw him selling alcohol to passers-by on the streets of downtown Nashville. Officers witnessed Nicholson receive money for the alcoholic drinks and missed him a state citation. During the search of his person, police located a weed grinder with residue inside, a plastic weed container, and three packages of RAW rolling papers.

Kroger clerk Tobias Poindexter charged with selling wine to a minor

31-year-old Tobias Poindexter sold a bottle of Bay Bridge wine to a female confidential informant who was working with the TABC during a compliance check operation on March 30. She presented with an ID showing her date of birth as 05/30/03, making her 19 years old. He is charged with selling alcohol to a minor and was booked this week on the citation.

Dylan Stephens charged with selling alcohol to a minor at Roze Pony

32-year-old Dylan Morgan Stephens served a $13 ‘Pretty Pony’ cocktail (that’s Street Pumas Vodka shaken with clarified strawberry, lemon & topped with sparkling rosé, in case you were curious) to an undercover person “Manuel” using an ID that stated they were 20 years old. The undercover TABC operation occurred at the Roze Pony on Harding Pike on a Wednesday afternoon in January. She was booked on the citation this week, charged with underage alcohol sales to a minor.

Kenneth Doughtery charged with underage alcohol sales at Titans Game

60-year-old Kenneth Dougherty was booked on a citation Tuesday, charging him with selling alcohol to an underage person at a Titans game in November. TABC agents say he sold a Michelob Ultra to a person working as an undercover agent, who provided an ID with a DOB of 05/03/03, making them appear as a 19-year-old. Doughtery reportedly checked the ID and still sold them the alcohol.