Nashville Police charge cuffed man with vandalism after he urinates in back of patrol car

Metro Nashville Police have charged Joseph ‘Joey’ Windler, the 29-year-old owner of Rukus Cycling Nashville, with vandalism after they cuffed him in the rear of a patrol car during a DUI arrest, and they say he urinated on the seat, traffic cones, and plexiglass divider of the cage. The officer notes it’s not his normal job duty to clean urine and it takes away from his duty as a Patrol Sergeant, thereby costing the city money, and constituting vandalism as there is a monetary loss.

Urinating man attacks father when asked to stop exposing himself to his children

45-year-old Robert Hawkins was charged with assault, public indecency, and public intoxication when he attacked a man with his family because he was asked to stop urinating on a 4th Avenue South sidewalk with his penis fully exposed.

Intoxicated homeless man pulls out genitals and urinates on sidewalk in front of officers

38-year-old Brad Tyree was charged with public intoxication, public indecency, and evading arrest after being reported for stumbling down Gallatin Pike and when officers approached, he pulled out his genitals and started urinating on the sidewalk close to them.

Man urinates on MNPD Officer’s truck, smashes back window, after interaction with police

Jonathan Harrington, 33, is now charged with vandalism, after police say he urinated on a Metro Nashville Police Officer’s private vehicle, and smashed the back window with a stone. Harrington had an interaction with another Metro Officer earlier in the day.

Justin Sowersby assaults, strangles, & urinates on girlfriend. #Arrested

On Wednesday, Justin Sowersby found himself behind bars facing a felony assault / strangulation charge after he grabbed his girlfriend by her hair, drug her across the ground, urinated on her, kicked her, locked her in a room, punched her, and then strangled her until she was unconscious – because she tried to pack her things and leave while he was in the shower. Here’s the police report from the MNPD: OFFICERS WERE DISPATCHED TO MELPARK DR IN RESPONSE TO A DOMESTIC ASSAULT. UPON ARRIVAL, OFFICERS LOCATED THE VICTIM WHO…

Jason ‘J Curly’ Speegle Arrested for Urinating on 2 Chairs in Wendy’s, Public Intoxication

Jason ‘J Curly’ Speegle was the lead guitarist for Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Famer Leon Russell. He’s shared the stage with Dave Mason, Willie Nelson, & many others. However this Christmas season found him in a Nashville Wendy’s on Saturday, where according to a sworn police report, he urinated on himself on 2 different seats, wetting them, after stumbling around and falling off his chair. This was around 3PM on the Saturday before Christmas. He’s wasn’t homeless or panhandling, according to the MNPD, he was just drunk at a Wendy’s in the…