Woman jailed after Burger King workers say she broke the drive-thru window over onion rings

38-year-old Aaliyah Muhammad was charged with vandalism when an argument about onion rings at Burger King escalated and employees said she punched a drive-thru window causing $1,500 worth of damage.

Man punches ex-girlfriend when she refuses to give him her car keys

24-year-old Kenchisa Carter was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after he damaged his ex-girlfriend’s vehicle and punched her in the head when she refused to give him her keys.

Man fires at ex while she and her children are in their vehicle; tries again a few hours later

29-year-old Raphael Hughes was charged with two counts of attempted homicide and two counts of child endangerment after shooting at his ex and chasing her down in her own vehicle.

Mask violation leads to woman assaulting police and urinating in patrol car

25-year-old Morgan Zekas was charged with 6 counts of assaulting an officer; one aggravated, 2 counts resisting arrest, vandalism, possession of marijuana, public intox and health regulation violation when she was found defying the mask mandate and an officer said she threatened him when he asked her to put one on.

Man charged after assaulting pregnant sister; yanks child out of moving car

28-year-old Treon Harvell was charged with two counts of domestic assault, child endangerment, and vandalism after he assaulted the mother of his child and snatched his son out of her moving car as she attempted to flee.

Man caught on camera setting fire to trucks at disposal company

41-year-old Rakeem McClure was charged with vandalism after he and an unknown accomplice set fire to three trucks at Gray’s Disposal Company.

Man with gun harasses ex; attempts to hop into back seat of car while she is parked

42-year-old Robert Arnett was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism after he harassed his ex-lover, pulled a gun on her, and hit her car with his multiple times.

Intoxicated woman hurls Amazon Echo through mother’s house

33-year-old Tyeisha Baker was charged with domestic vandalism after she showed up at her mother’s residence intoxicated and hurled her brother’s Amazon Echo at a porcelain figure.

Woman calls boyfriend after intoxicated camper-mate scuffs up car

24-year-old Carlos Smith was charged with public intoxication and vandalism after he got drunk and punched his friend’s car, breaking the mirror and leaving dents down both sides.

Woodbine man smashes fence with girlfriend’s car, punches window with fist

29-year-old Antonio Boykin was charged with vandalism after running over a fence and punching out the rear window of a car belonging to him and his girlfriend.