Oak Grove man on the run finally caught for charges of attempted theft, vandalism #savagelife

22-year-old Chandler Maynard was charged with two counts of vandalism and two counts of attempted vehicle theft after security footage revealed them at a local auto lot “peeling” a car and tying “hay bail wire” around the axle of another. He had been on the run for months.

Woman charged for hitting boyfriend with car and throwing brick at his windshield #lashingout

38-year-old Rhoshonda Tyler was charged with vandalism and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon when her boyfriend and his cousin told police that she hit him with her vehicle and lobbed a brick at his car windshield.

Teen mom jailed after assaulting father with a clothes iron and smashing porch plants, per report

18-year-old Moria Bender was charged with vandalism and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after her father reported to police that she whacked him with a clothes iron and smashed potted plants because he couldn’t give her a ride.

Woman charged for throwing knife at sister, kicking officers and spitting everywhere

25-year-old Charnika Braden was charged with three counts of assault on an officer, two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, vandalism, and resisting arrest after responding officers demand her to get rid of a knife and she chose to throw it towards her sister instead.

Woman with history of domestic assault beats and harasses ex-fiance, per report

28-year-old Chelsea Clark was charged with domestic assault, harassment, and vandalism after she punched her fiance in the face, pulled some of his hair out, punched his TV, and then later blew his phone up while calling from a hotel in Knoxville, per report.

Man found hiding under bed taken into custody for outstanding domestic assault warrant

27-year-old Quyane Johnson was charged with domestic assault, vandalism, evading arrest, and contempt after he punched his ex-girlfriend in the mouth as she was trying to move out then attempted to evade police by hiding under a bed when officers were serving his warrant.

Woman shatters father’s window and cuts girlfriend with box cutters in separate incidents

29-year-old Lacey Stone was charged with vandalism and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after she shattered a window at her father’s house and cut her girlfriend with a pair of box cutters.

Old Hickory man violates restraining order and threatens to kill ex-girlfriend

47-year-old Mark Williams was charged with harassment, vandalism, and violating an order of protection after he continued to contact his ex-girlfriend and threatened to kill her, per report.

South Nashville woman charged after throwing things, giving man goose egg on his head

31-year-old Alicia Holcomb was charged with vandalism, domestic assault, and resisting arrest after a man reported that an argument escalated to her kicking his vehicle and throwing objects that left him with vehicle damage and a knot on his head.

Woman facing charges after throwing computer, tipping filing cabinet over eviction notice

47-year-old Cheryl Sebastion was charged with assault and vandalism after she confronted her apartment office manager about an eviction notice. Police say she threw a desktop computer, tipped a filing cabinet and tried to rip the manager’s clothes off.