Ashley Guntherm assaults girlfriend’s ex-husband in Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital

39-year-old Ashley Guntherm was being aggressive towards Robert Snyder, her girlfriend’s ex-husband, at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital on the afternoon of November 15th. Snyder advised officers he was up there for a follow-up visit for his son when he noticed Guntherm enter the double doors. Then, Snyder stated that Guntherm shoulder-checked him up against the doors, causing him to injure his right shoulder and his left arm. Officers were able to confirm this through footage, and Guntherm was taken into custody for assault.

George Levine founding roaming inside restricted areas of Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital

28-year-old George Levine was reportedly roaming around Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital Tuesday afternoon. Vanderbilt Police contacted George, who staff said snuck into the hospital through the back loading dock door. After that, he began entering into restricted areas through stairwells without permission to do so. He ignored staff who attempted to talk to him, causing a disturbance. Eventually, they helped George out of the hospital and to Vanderbilt University Police. He then ignored the police, who arrested him because he had no reason to be on the property.

Julius Lorinc assaults his wife after she finds a flash drive in his laundry

44-year-old Julius Lorinc was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant charging him with the domestic assault of his wife, Vanderbilt Doctor & owner of Harpeth Meadows Stables, Amanda Lorinc. Amanda told police she was doing laundry on April 23 when she found a flash drive among her husband’s belongings while folding clothes. She waited for her husband to arrive home and confronted him about the flash drive, and asked him what was on it. He became agitated and pushed and shoved her while attempting to retrieve the flash drive from her grasp. He eventually grabbed her right hand and ripped the flash drive away, leaving a small injury on her hand, which was documented by police. During the incident, she says he also pushed her onto the bed while holding her neck. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and he was booked into custody this week.

Amany Megali says she bit her child’s arm because he wouldn’t listen to her commands

30-year-old Amany Megali told detectives during an interview that she bit the arm of her six-year-old son, breaking the skin and leaving a substantial injury, because he was “refusing to listen to her commands.” The Department of Children’s Services and Metro Nashville Police became involved when the child’s father took his son to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital after he complained of arm pain and stated his mother bit him.