Makayla Coffman hops into driver’s seat and drives away during DUI investigation of driver

25-year-old Makayla Coffman was jailed on Saturday night after hopping into the driver’s seat while drunk and driving away during a police investigation of the original driver, who was also driving under the influence. Officers were flagged down on 4th and Broadway by concerned citizens stating there was a driver asleep at the wheel. Officers removed the driver from the vehicle and began evaluating her welfare. Then Coffman, the passenger, woke up, got into the driver’s seat, and began driving away. The vehicle was stopped, and she was able to exit but was very unsteady on her feet, had slurred speech, and smelled of alcohol. She agreed to a sobriety test and performed poorly, and her breathalyzer returned a 0.098% BAC.

Jordan Robertson passes out in bushes at Nashville Airport due to 3 p.m. drunkenness

37-year-old Jordan Blake Robertson was found slumped over the sidewalk inside the Nashville Airport employee parking lot Sunday at 3 p.m. by Airport police who were conducting routine patrols. Robertson was visibly intoxicated and was told to leave the property. He agreed and walked toward the employee bus stop, about 100 feet away, where he again stopped. He finally made it the final 200 feet to the exit of the lot, where he stated he was from Virginia and was visiting friends. He then made it out of the employee parking lot and passed out in the bushes about 50 feet away. He was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Virginia Belser blows 0.203% BAC after drinking Topo-Chico seltzers & driving

21-year-old Virginia Belser crashed her vehicle on Hwy 100 just after 5 a.m. Saturday and showed signs of impairment as officers responded to the scene. A can of beer was in her vehicle, and she admitted to having “a few” alcoholic drinks before driving — when asked to clarify “a few,” she responded it was 3-4 cans of Topo-Chico Hard Seltzer. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and later blew a 0.203% BAC on a breathalyzer. A search of the vehicle revealed an open can of Topo Chico and a 12-pack of the drinks with several cans missing.

James Davis charged after following & punching woman in face in downtown Nashville

Police met with Kasey Brill late Saturday night in downtown Nashville as she was crying and holding the left side of her face. She told officers a man, identified as 56-year-old James Davis of Franklin, TN, had been following her friend group around the bars and kept staring at her as she was in line to buy hot dogs. That was when she confronted Davis and asked, “is everything alright, or is there a problem?” Davis reportedly replied, “what the fuck?” and as she turned to walk away, Davis punched her in her left eye, knocking her to the ground. Brill’s father assisted in detaining Davis and reportedly punched him in the face during the incident involving his daughter.

Jackson Manning kicked from Kid Rock’s bar for being the most unruly patron of the night

Just before 2 a.m. Saturday, Metro Nashville Police responded to Kid Rock’s Bar on Broadway as 21-year-old Jackson Andrew Manning was being detained by security for being drunk and disorderly with other patrons. Security told officers he was repeatedly starting fights with random strangers inside the bar and refused to leave the location. Officers transported him to booking and charged him with public intoxication.

Colleen Thomas says a “memory issue” caused her to steal from airport store while waiting for flight

Nashville Airport Police say 38-year-old Colleen Joy Thomas, of Virginia, walked into the Arts of the District store inside Concourse A of the Nashville Airport and stuffed her pockets full of electronics, and left the store. In addition to the multiple Apple Airtags, guitar picks, and an Apple device charger she pocketed, she grabbed a Helix power bank and a pair of Apple Airpods Max while the cashier was distracted. The store manager, Jason Messick, confronted her in the concourse and she returned the larger items she had stolen. She stated she has a “short-term memory issue” which often causes her to forget things and suggests that’s why she didn’t pay for the items.

When police arrived they asked if she had anything other than the larger items in her hands, which she “forgot” to pay for, and she stated she didn’t believe so, but had an issue with her memory. She consented to a search of her luggage and backpack, which revealed the other missing items, which brought her total theft to a value of $1,053.06.