Belmont student Elena Gentleman charged with harassment over threatening voicemail amid trio of friends

#Belmont: A trio of trouble among Belmont University kids recently landed one in jail, charged with #Harassment after she left a threatening voicemail. 22-year-old Elena Gentleman (@elenagentlewoman) dates musician Joseph Wandass (@j4sings), and is roommates with filmmaker Riley Mau (@rileymau_films). Arrest records show she was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail last week after leaving a voicemail for Riley that was threatening and caused him to be in fear.

JAILED: “I don’t have time for a b*tch to put me in jail, because I will smack the sh*t out of you”

Zackery Wyatt was arrested after getting into a fight with his girlfriend, raising his hand and threatening to “smack the shit” out of her. He then fled the area, and left her a voicemail saying “I don’t have time for a bitch to put me in jail”. He was later located and arrested, charged with harassment.

ENN’s 7 Best Voicemails of 2017

This is historically the slowest news week every year, so let’s look back at 2017. We get a LOT of voicemail on the tip line (615-669-TIPS). Most are actual tips or backstory about things we have published, or story ideas/tips. However there are a large number of death threats, angry reactions, and just people screaming at us. In 20017 we received over 70 such voicemails, that were basically threats, hate, or just humorous. In honor of the end of the 2017 year, we give you the 7 Best voicemails we’ve…