Man headbutts Waffle House co-worker, punches roommate in eye #CappedAndCovered

30-year-old Dylan Bowers was charged with domestic assault after punching his roommate in the eye and was discovered to have an active warrant for headbutting his coworker.

Affidavit: Man says punching his ex-girlfriend and getting punched back ‘turns him on’

According to an arrest warrant, 23-year-old Eric Blivens was chasing his girlfriend in a vehicle and texted her he was ‘Finna Start Shooting’. He then spoke to his girlfriend’s grandmother on the phone, allegedly telling her that it turned him on when he assaults her granddaughter and she punches him back.

Man charged with statutory rape after sex at Waffle House ‘multiple times’ with co-worker

The pair admitted to having sex ‘multiple times’ at the Donelson Waffle House on Lebanon Pike, where they were co-workers. He is Benjamin McDonald, 25, she had just turned 17. Now he’s charged with statutory rape in 2 counties.

Travis Reinking: Firearm Seizure & Transfer Records

In late August of 2017, the Tazewell County Sheriff’s dept, in partnership with the state of IL, served a FOID revocation (ability to possess firearms in IL) notice on the Waffle House Shooter, Travis Reinking. His father was present at the time, and took possession of the firearms, and told police he would keep the weapons secure and away from Travis. However his father would later admit that he gave the weapons back to Travis, as he was moving out of state (to TN). Here’s the details of the report:…

Travis Reinking once told police: “People are baiting me into breaking the law” via signs, heard voices.

Travis Reinking once told police: “People are baiting me into breaking the law” via voices, signs. Says it all started after her wrote to Taylor Swift. From a Tazewell County Sheriff’s report on August 11, 2017: On 08/11/ 17, at approximately 4:33 pm, Sergeant Tarby was sitting, at the intersection of RT 9 and Baer Rd. He observed a blue in color Mitsubishi pull up alongside of him. He recognized the male to be ‘Travis Reinking. He immediately exited his squad car &Travis got out of his vehicle and asked…

Waffle House Shooter Went to Swimming Pool in Pink Woman’s Housecoat & Displayed Genitals, yelling “I’m A Man”

In June of 2017, the Waffle House Shooter, Travis Reinking, a report was generated after he entered a public pool wearing only a pink woman’s house coat, and carrying an AR-15. According to a police report, he “barged into the pool” wearing a pink woman’s house coat. The subject dove into the pool and then took off his house coat and was swimming in just his underwear. He was told to get out of the pool by lifeguards. The male started yelling at the lifeguards and trying to get them to…

Timeline: 29yo Naked Gunman kills 4 in Antioch Waffle House Shooting

Here’s the latest: 6 people were shot, 4 people are dead and 2 more were injured as a gunman who was naked under a coat opened fire at the Waffle House in Antioch. At 3:19 AM Sunday morning, Travis Reinking, 29, of Morton, IL, parked his truck at the Antioch Waffle House, and sat for just under 4 minutes. At 3:23 AM Travis Reinking exited his vehicle, naked except for a green jacket containing additional ammunition, and carrying what MNPD describes as an “assault-style rifle”, though the gun has not…