Emmanuel Nash charged in assault of WeGo transit employee after being kicked off busses for the day

24-year-old Emmanuel Nash was booked this week after failing to self-book for an assault citation in January. The citation alleges he was riding a WeGo Transit bus and began to curse at a WeGo employee, who promptly advised him he was barred from riding any WeGo bus the remainder of the day. As Nash exited the bus, he reportedly slapped the employee’s hand. The employee noticed two MNPD officers nearby and wanted to prosecute for the assault.

A Nashville city bus crashed into a 77-year-old man’s car; the city jailed him when he got upset about the towing fee — Bennie Lee

A Metro Nashville WeGo Public Transit bus crashed into 77-year-old Bennie Lee’s vehicle on May 4th. Metro Nashville Police arrived at the scene, they demanded his vehicle be immediately towed due to the location and rush hour traffic. They said the vehicle would have to be towed to the city-partnered tow lot, and told him the costs he would be charged, however, Bennie Lee refused and insisted his vehicle would only be towed to his home, but that shouldn’t have to pay for it, as the city bus struck him. He then stood near the vehicle and blocked the way of the tow truck that the city had dispatched to remove the vehicle from the roadway. Officers contacted public works, who declined to assist in changing the tire so it could maybe just be driven away, stating the location was too dangerous. Police eventually arrested the man and charged him with disorderly conduct so they could tow the car off the roadway.

Mark Corwin calls police to say he threw a rock at a bus in anger, turns himself in at McDonald’s

27-year-old Mark Corwin was walking down a hill in order to catch a city bus just before lunch on Tuesday. He became upset as the bus began to pull off before he was able to catch up to it and threw a rock at the bus, cracking a window. He walked back up the hill, and once he calmed down he called police to confess and turn himself in. He walked to the McDonalds and waited to be taken into custody.

Ashland City man burns down port-a-potties downtown before leaping in front of bus — Michael Evans

Police say 43-year-old Michael Wayne Evans set fire to three port-a-potties in downtown Nashville Thursday, burning them to the ground, and then jumped in front of a WeGo transit bus, somewhat unsuccessfully. He was able to kick and punch the bus windows, causing substantial damage.