Steven Clark subdued by citizen after attacking car at White Castle drive-thru in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police say Corric Crawford had chased down and detained 30-year-old Steven Clark before they arrived, after he attacked Crawford’s vehicle at the downtown White Castle drive-thru. Multiple witnesses report Crawford was in the drive-thru when Clark jumped on his vehicle, causing severe damage to the hood and smashing out the rear windshield. Clark fled, and Crawford drove around until he located him. Armed with a knife, Crawford confronted Clark, cleared him for any weapons, then held him until police arrived. One witness states the victim may have assaulted Clark when he confronted him, but no associated charges were filed. Damages to the vehicle were estimated at $6,000.

Brazen burglars zip-tie 3 residents, break out front teeth of 1, during Madison home invasion

NEW DETAILS: 25-year-old Adarius Frazier, 31-year-old Ralphael Turner, and an unknown third person, held a resident at gunpoint as he arrived home from the 3000 Bar in downtown Nashville and demanded access to the apartment. Once inside, all three residents, Anthony Holmes, Capria Holmes, and Francesca Clark, were zip-tied and placed on the floor of a bedroom closet. The invaders also knocked out the front teeth of Mr. Holmes. As officers were putting on heavy armor outside, the suspects fled in a resident’s vehicle… police eventually caught 2 of them on Lischey Ave. as they dumped an AR Rifle, a Keltec pistol, and iPhones along the way.

Frazier is held on a $387,000 bond, and Turner is held on a $270,000 bond.

Woman threatens to kill her husband’s ex-wife in White Castle drive-thru

44-year-old Mandy Spears was charged with harassment when she threatened her current husband’s ex-wife with “I am going to beat your a$$” and “I am going to kill you b**ch!” while in a White Castle drive-thru.

ARREST: Husband Hides in Bathroom, Wife Kicks in Door, Attacks w/ Scissors, Pushes Down Steps, Tosses Chair

Officers were dispatched to a local White Castle on Friday, where an assault victim retreated to to call police and hide from the aggressor, his wife. Anthony (Tony) Rucker states his wife, Talanda Fisher Rucker, attacked him, kicked open the bathroom door where he was hiding, attacked him with scissors, hit him with her fists, pushed him down a set of stairs, and threw a chair at him from the porch. Talanda is being charged with: “Assault, Aggravated – Deadly Weapon – Int/Kn” TCA 39-13-102(a)(1)(A)*10 Rucker bonded out just before 8AM…