Patrick Thomas escapes downtown cops, gives chase for two blocks in handcuffs before capture

Metro Nashville Police say 22-year-old Patrick Thomas was on lower Broadway in downtown Nashville when he became injured in an unknown incident. Nashville Fire’s Medic 9 responded and began treating Thomas at the scene in the back of an ambulance, but he refused any additional transport to a hospital for further care. He was extremely intoxicated and unable to care for himself, and officers were unable to determine anyone he was with, where he was staying, or anyone to call to collect him. As it was determined he would be charged with public intoxication and transported to jail, Thomas was handcuffed while in the back of the ambulance. Now in cuffs, Thomas suddenly lunged forward past the MNPD officer and jumped out of the ambulance, and fled on foot for over two blocks before officers caught up with him on Gay Street, where he was taken to the ground by force.

Underage drunk tourist destroys Rippy’s door when kicked out of bar — Samuel Harp Lane arrested

20-year-old Samuel “Harp” Lane from Mountain Lake, NJ, was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail late Friday night after he destroyed the door to Rippy’s Honky Tonk in downtown Nashville.

The underage Bowdoin college student was inside the bar and heavily intoxicated according to witnesses when he cause a disturbance and was asked to leave. As he was exiting the bar he kicked the door with his foot, shattering it. Lane is charged with public intoxication and felony vandalism. He is free on a $4,000 bond.