Darius Coleman destroyed over a quarter-million dollars of frozen food at Kroger

Police say 21-year-old Darius Coleman destroyed over $250,000 worth of food at a Nashville Kroger store over the past year. Coleman, who was in charge of the store’s frozen food department, says he would often throw away excess items in the freezers to “make it look neat” and that he didn’t want his freezers full of extra product. When the backstock would not fit neatly into the frozen section, he would throw it away to “reduce clutter.” Coleman admitted to his actions and stands by them. Kroger corporate asked he be prosecuted for vandalism.

Georgia Man charged after reportedly assaulting female patrons in a downtown bar — Harrison Andrews

Security Staff at Honky Tonk Central on Broadway in downtown Nashville flagged down police to alert them 24-year-old Harrison Andrews had assaulted several female patrons and was being escorted outside when he got in an altercation with security. No one wanted to press assault charges so Andrews was charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication and transported to booking.

Man charged after altercation with security at Las Nenas Bar in Antioch — Jason Ochoa #PublicIntoxication

22-year-old Jason Muralles-Ochoa was charged with public intoxication overnight at the Bar Billares Las Nenas in Antioch after he and a friend got into an altercation with security. Police stopped him from attempting to drive away, and when he became verbally aggressive with them, too, he was booked on the charge of public intoxication.