Son of Rutherford Co. Highway Commissioner fails to deliver on financial, relational promises

36-year-old Russell Bratcher was charged with two counts of a violation of an order of protection and utilization of a worthless check over $1,000. Bratcher’s worthless checks stem from 2018, but the criminal contempt comes from a two separate incidents where Bratcher allegedly liked a picture of his ex-wife to be and gave her a bag including a written note from “daddy”, per report.

Man skirts off after check bounces

34-year-old Foster Billings was charged for a worthless check after he attempted to pay his mechanic with a bad check and refused to pay once it bounced.

East Nashville Socialite Susan Siegel Arrested for Worthless Check for Woo Cosmetics & Previously Theft

East Nashville socialite Susan Siegel, age 68, was arrested on Wednesday for ‘Worthless Check- ($501 – $1,000) TCA 39-14-121*8’. On June 21st, Siegel visited Woo Skin Care & Cosmetics and paid for $686.09 worth of merchandise with check #117 drawn on a Morgan Stanley Smith Barney bank account. Her identity was verified via drivers license / photo ID. The check was returned as ‘account closed’, and a certified letter was mailed to Susan Siegel, requesting payment. Despite multiple phone calls and responses stating her account had been ‘hacked’, she failed…