DUI Ridin’ Dirty: Man tosses beer bottle out window, lies about it, admits it; asks for lawyer, talks anyway — Jamie Levitt

Metro Police say 33-year-old Jamie Levitt was driving 83 in a 55 mph zone at 6:52 p.m. on Friday when he suddenly crossed four lanes of traffic while merging from I-440E onto I-40. As an officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop, Levitt reportedly tossed a beer bottle out the window, then denied it, then eventually admitted it. He asked for a lawyer but then continued telling the officer about how his intoxication. He blew a 0.103 BAC.

Near-naked man fondling genitals in Club-Hotel hallways says he was with two women – officers found empty rooms.

Metro Police found 39-year-old Terrance Carter wearing only boxers and fondling his genitals with both hands at the Club-Hotel Nashville Tuesday evening, where he told a “bizarre and winding story about having two separate women he was with at the hotel”. Hotel staff reports he had been walking the hallways while nearly naked for several hours.

WKRN’s Danielle Breezy has hot mic moment; reveals feelings on Channel 5’s weather team & their worth

A hot mic moment caught WKRN’s Danielle Breezy commenting on Channel 5’s Leland Satom & Bree Smith, including “I don’t think Bree’s that expensive, but I don’t think she’s cheap…. a buck fifty if I had to guess, maybe a little less”.. and the possibility of Nikki-Dee Ray replacing a local meteorologist.

WSMV confirms 6 employees on 14-day quarantine, including Tom Randles, the entire station being disinfected

In a statement to Scoop: Nashville, WSMV has confirmed 6 employees have been sent home on a 14-day quarantine after an attendee at a telethon last week tested positive for #COVID19. These six employees may have had contact with the infected individual but are not currently showing any symptoms.

Katie Quackenbush vs. WSMV: “F**k the hillbilly news there”

Last Thursday, Dec 7th, Katie Quackenbush’s father (Jesse) emailed WSMV journalist Kara Apel about a story that she published. He said that she was “pathetic” and hoped that “someday you find yourself confronted by a psychotic man threatening to kill you on a dark street”. Katie Quackenbush is charged with the attempted murder of Gerald Melton. Then things got interesting. Apel forwarded the email to WSMV lawyers, who replied with essentially a cease and desist notice, inferring that further direct contact would escalate things legally after the notice to stop.…

The DogSpot East Nashville: Weekend Remodel to Combat Complaints?

Overnight, The Dog Spot (East Nashville) began tearing down inner walls and barriers, in the dog play areas. Using crowbars and hammers, the concrete blocks starting coming down. Today, they’re going back up to create new inner spaces. It appears a huge remodel / new layout is currently underway. No doubt, this is in response to the customer (and city wide) backlash to a dog dying in their care recently, due to it being allowed to play with a much larger dog. Here’s some photos of the work in progress:…

The Dog Spot Shuts Down Social Media Reviews, Posts, & Entire Facebook Page; Baker Twins (DogSpot Owners) Harass Neighbors & Tenants

The Dog Spot, originally here in East Nashville, and it’s two sister locations – West Nashville & Mt. Juliet – are in the midst of a social media meltdown. In the past 48 hours, the company has shut down reviews and posts to several of it’s Facebook Pages, and deleted all comments left on current posts and photos, within minutes of them being posted by customers or potential customers. Then this morning, Nashville Exposed began to post photos of Employees of The Dog Spot, starting with the Mt. Juliet Location,…

Chihuahua dies at The Dog Spot: East Nashville, Dog’s Owner Responds – Letter to The Dog Spot Published

WSMV reported on a death that occurred at The Dog Spot, in East Nashville, and they were provided a statement by The Dog Spot, that said, in part: “The Waldrop’s alluded in their demand letter that if we didn’t pay them approximately $7,000 that they would go to the media. Though we understand their heartbreak and we are heartbroken ourselves, we declined to pay them off.“. It seem that isn’t necessarily the case, and in response, the letter from the dog’s owner has been published below. The Waldrops, Matthew &…