Heath Parker helps woman steal $200 worth of items from Walgreens

43-year-old Heath Lee Parker helped Wanda Moores steal from the Gallatin Pike Walgreens around 9:26 p.m. on March 2nd. Officers observed Moores running away from the establishment with a cart full of merchandise before loading it into a car with a female identified as Wanda Moores. Deborah Carter Lunsford, a Walgreens employee, ran outside and filmed them driving off. The police got behind the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop near a Shelton Avenue residence, where they identified Moores as the driver. During their investigation, they were advised that about $200 of items were stolen from the location. Parker was detained and Mirandized, under which he admitted to helping Moores load the stolen items into the car. Parker was then cited for the incident. Parker was booked on the citation of theft on April 24th.

Vanessa McPhee assaults daughter after accusing her of dating someone she knew

65-year-old Vanessa McPhee had a domestic incident with her daughter, Malonda Jenkins, and her grandson, K.J., at their Crockett Street residence on the night of December 7th, 2023. Upon arrival, officers spoke with Jenkins, who advised that McPhee had come by and accused her of being in a relationship with someone she knew. However, Jenkins said she did not understand what McPhee was talking about. This initiated an argument, during which McPhee started attacking Jenkins, leaving bleeding scratches on her face. Jenkins stated she was standing on the porch outside the storm door when the scuffle began, adding that she fell back into the house. This is where McPhee got on top of Jenkins, continuing to attack her. KJ said that after hearing the confrontation in the living room, he came and saw McPhee attacking his mother, Jenkins. So, KJ pulled McPhee off of Jenkins by her hair, to which she responded by scratching his arms, leaving marks on both arms. Afterward, McPhee fled the scene in her car, and officers issued a warrant for her arrest. McPhee was taken into custody for domestic assault and aggravated burglary on April 4

Tralarrious Harrison crashes into police officer’s car; charged with DUI

21-year-old Tralarrious Harrison crashed his girlfriend’s black Sedan into an officer’s vehicle at the intersection of Dickerson Pk and Ewing Dr. on October 21st. Officers responded to the scene and observed a male get out of the passenger side of the Sedan and flee the scene. Harrison was visibly intoxicated as officers approached him and noticed he did not have shoes on before transporting him to General Hospital. Officers spoke with Harrison, and before they could ask him, he told them that he “was not the driver of the vehicle,” that he “messed his girlfriend’s car up,” that he was “extremely intoxicated,” and that he “exited the driver’s side after the crash.” Officers found a 24 oz Coors Light can with beer still in it and a plastic bag with 6.66 grams of a marijuana-like substance. Harrison was taken into custody for possession, driving under the influence, and an open container violation.

Wendy Williams given a $50 bond after assaulting her wife with small pumpkins

59-year-old Wendy Williams was charged with domestic assault of her wife, Maureen Williams, just two days before Christmas. Police say the two were in a verbal argument that escalated when she initially slapped her wife on the shoulder, causing slight pain. Wendy then reportedly began throwing several “small pumpkins” at her wife, striking her in the leg. Wendy Williams admitted to the assault and was taken into custody.

Justin Lebron charged in assault of brother & making threats about his genitals and his throat

Wilfredo Lebron, Jr. got into an argument with his brother, 39-year-old Justin Lebron, at the Love’s Truck Stop on Trinity Lane, where their father was also present. Wilfredo says Justin made accusations that Wilfredo had been sexually assaulted in prison and punched and strangled him, with injuries documented by police. A few hours later, Wilfredo was at the Family Safety Center to complete information about the earlier incident. While there, Justin played a recording of a Facetime call where Justin continued to make threats that included cutting off his genitals and shoving them down his throat and further threatened to end Wilfredo’s life via some very explicit methods. Justin was charged with harassment and aggravated assault/strangulation.

Makayla Dodge charged in scissor attack of roommate over Grubhub order

Metro Nashville Police say 25-year-old Makayla Dodge got into an argument with her roommate, Alexander Leavitt, over a GrubHub order. She reportedly told him to leave the residence and threw his pizza at him. He attempted to push her out of his room, but she was able to use her body to prevent the door from closing and pulled his hair in an effort to come back into his room. She then grabbed a pair of scissors and chased him into another room while she attempted to stab him with the scissors. He was able to disarm her and throw the scissors outside. She did manage to land several punches to his face during the struggle, leaving him bruised and swollen.

Cameron Eason charged in assault of a pregnant woman, just feet away from officers

Rayshonda Crawford, who is 8 months pregnant, says 38-year-old Cameron Eason, with who she also has a child, entered her home without permission, and that it has been an ongoing issue since he moved out two months ago. She told police when it happened this weekend, she grabbed a knife in self-defense and demanded that he leave her home. He refused and a struggle ensued over the knife, which was captured on video, and threatened to kill her. As police were investigating, Eason came back onto her property in an aggressive manner toward her, stopping just inches from her as she screamed for help from the officers he threatened to punch her in the face. Police took Eason into custody and transported him to booking.

Local man charged in Honky Tonk Central fight — Kevin Jones arrested

30-year-old Kevin Jones was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail early Sunday morning after a fight at Honky Tonk Central on Broadway in downtown Nashville. Police say after they separated the dueling parties Jones continued to attempt to strike the other person. Jones was taken into custody.

Man arrested twice in 2 days; argues with roommate via social media, attacks with broom — Patrick Conquest

26-year-old Patrick Conquest was arrested twice within two days this month. On October 9th he began arguing with his roommate, from separate rooms within the same house, over social media, transitioning over several platforms during the argument, with both text and audio messages, including “we can scrap!” He escalated to using racial slurs against his roommate, Vincent Mendoza, then entered his bedroom and struck him with a broom, and knocked down the TV.

Conquest went to jail, and posted a $3500 bond, only to be arrested again 12-hours later when police responded to another disturbance at the home and found Conquest was violating both the conditions of his bond, and an order of protection, which was granted. He then posted $2500 more in bail and was released.