East Nashville Santa

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Yes, Santa does exist – at least according to some East Nashville neighbors!

Chris Andrews found the following card on his front porch earlier this evening that reads

“I heard your 2015 didn’t bring the best luck.
So please do something fun with this 300 bucks.
Life sometimes deals you a bad hand.
It’s what you do in these months that makes you a man.”

Christ writes: “I for this on my porch this evening! So truly truly grateful and will pay it forward. I teared up and can’t believe this day and time there’s still people out there like this! Merry Xmas! East Nashville! ” East Nashville Santa Thank you so very very much!

en santa chris

East Nashville’s Secret Santa didn’t stop there! Among the others that received random gifts yesterday was Peter Nicholas Hykra. Peter writes: “i don’t know who this ‘east nashville santa’ is, but i believe!!! thank you for the delightful and unexpected gift!! PAR-rum-pu-pum-RUM …. made my friggin holiday!!

His card:

“Sometimes Holidays can be lonely and not fun.
So hunker down with this bottom of rum!
pu RUM pum pum pum

en santa peter

Did the East Nashville Santa Visit you? Hopefully yours wasn’t the hipster Santa, instead!


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