Kimberly Hornbeck drunkenly refused to leave Pucketts at Nashville International Airport

49-year-old Kimberly Hornbeck was involved in an incident at Nashville International Airport on April 17th. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with a Southwest Airlines agent who believed Hornbeck was intoxicated and denied her boarding. Hornbeck then walked to Pucketts, a restaurant inside the airport, and refused to get up. When officers got to Pucketts, they made contact with Hornbeck, who stated that she had drunk alcohol at her parent’s home before arriving at the airport. Officers requested Kimberly move to a nonsecure part of the airport so that someone could pick her up. Kimberly then refused to get up from her table at Puckett’s and had difficulty tracking the conversation. Officers then told her she would go to jail if she did not move, to which she replied that she wanted to go to jail. Officers deemed her a danger to herself, and Hornbeck was taken into custody for public intoxication.

DUI: Tiearis Autry crashes car on I-40 West after having shot of Tito’s Vodka at Chili’s

28-year-old Tiearis Autry had a head-on-collision near Exit 216 on I-40 West in the early hours of April 18th. When the police arrived, they noticed Autry standing next to her vehicle, which was facing the wrong direction on the right shoulder before the exit ramp. When officers asked her what happened, she said she had gotten onto the interstate in the wrong direction. Autry then stated she struck another vehicle and was confused about where she was. Autry said she was in downtown Nashville at Chili’s, where she had one shot of Tito’s Vodka about two hours before the crash. Officers noticed a slight alcoholic odor as she tried to provide them with her driver’s credentials, so they asked her to take sobriety tests. Autry consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. Autry then agreed to give a breath sample, which resulted in a 0.141 BAC%, and she was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Darli Barrios assaults boyfriend after learning he’s been cheating with multiple women

25-year-old Darli Sofia Barrios-Pinto had a domestic altercation with her boyfriend and father of her children, Eleazar Dagobe Morales-Vasquez, at their Hickory Hill Lane residence on April 17th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Morales-Vasquez, who stated he and Darli argued after she found numbers to multiple women and accused him of having an affair. When he admitted to having their numbers, she scratched his neck and chest, so he pushed her away. Darli told officers that she had received several phone calls from different women claiming that Eleazar was having an affair with them. She said he denied it when she confronted him about it, which sparked an argument. She added that she called the police because it was escalating. Darli told officers repeatedly that their dispute never turned physical, but due to Eleazar’s injuries, officers deemed her as the primary aggressor, and she was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Erika Saavedra-Cervantes assaults husband during argument about money he owes her

44-year-old Erika Tatiana Saavedra-Cervantes had a domestic incident with her husband, Fransisco Jose Torres, near Hightail on Eatons Creek Road late April 17th. Upon arrival, officers located and separated the couple to investigate. Torres told the police that he and Saavedra-Cervantes argued over her being on the phone with another male. The argument escalated when she started hitting him in the face with her phone in her hand, leaving broken skin and redness on the left side of his cheek and ear. Officers then spoke with Saavedra-Cervantes, who stated she and Torres argued about money he owed her. During the argument, she stated that Torres began calling her offensive names and slapped her on the side of her face. Officers deemed Saavedra-Cervantes as the primary aggressor, and she was taken into custody for domestic assault on April 18th.

Nia Robinson attacks boyfriend in his TSU dorm after learning he cheated on her

23-year-old Nia Robinson had a domestic incident with her boyfriend, Devin Jackson, in his Ford Apartment unit at Tennessee State University in the early hours of April 15th. Upon arrival, officers met with Jackson, who stated he had Robinson staying the night in his room for the last couple of days. Jackson added that this morning, she had woken him up after looking through his phone, accusing him of cheating. Robinson then started punching him in the chest and face repeatedly. Jackson tried to restrain Robinson from hitting him again, so she bit his arm multiple times and kicked him in the legs. Jackson said one of his roommates had overheard the commotion and had come to check on him, and Jackson had his roommate grab his phone from Robinson.

Then, Jackson released Robinson, and she threw his PlayStation controller at his Flatscreen TV, causing it to break. After breaking his TV, she also grabbed his Apple MacBook and destroyed it. Robinson then walked out, during which she slammed the bedroom door, damaging the door frame. She called someone to pick her up and stepped outside, where Jackson’s roommates followed to ensure she did not vandalize his vehicle. Once Robinson left, Jackson realized his car keys, apartment keys, and TSU student ID were missing. He alerted the authorities shortly after. Robinson was taken into custody for theft, vandalism, and domestic assault on April 17th.

Stanley Overfield harrasses apartment manager about breaking his lease

27-year-old Stanley Eugene Overfield was booked on a citation for harassment . On February 26th, Keosha Antionette Churchwell, the apartment manager at the South 5th Street apartments, called the police, stating that Overfield was upset about being unable to get out of his lease and came up there four times to make complaints about the building’s conditions. She told him to communicate through email and to stop coming up to the office and harassing her. Churchwell said when she went outside to the callbox, Overfield confronted her about not talking with him, which made her uncomfortable about walking past him. Christopher Woolford, a witness, came over and escorted her back inside. Overfield was then cited for the incident on April 15th.

Gabriela Zaldivar Bu booked after stealing beauty products at Target

31-year-old Gabriella Zaldivar Bu was booked on the citation for theft on April 15th. On March 30th, officers were dispatched to Target on Old Hickory Boulevard, where they spoke with Wesley Barrett, a Target employee. Barrett advised officers that Zaldivar Bu entered the store, walked to the beauty section, grabbed two items, put them in her purse, and tried to leave without paying. Barrett stated that Zaldivar Bu was then detained until officers arrived. Zaldivar Bu was issued a citation for the incident that day. After failing to appear in court or pay the fines, Zaldivar Bu was booked on the citation of theft on April 15th.

Jamir Harrison steals $555 worth of merchandise from Nordstrom

19-year-old Jamir Mekhi Harrison stole merchandise from Nordstrom on Abbott Martin Road on the afternoon of March 24th. When officers arrived, loss prevention employees advised them that they detained and searched Harrison. Officers were informed that loss prevention located a handgun on Harrison, so they seized it from him until police arrived. Loss prevention then provided officers with video footage showing Harrison concealing $555 worth of items and trying to leave the location. Harrison was stopped by loss prevention, who recovered the stolen inventory before he could leave. Officers ran Harrison’s information and noticed he was also not old enough to legally possess a handgun. Harrison was then cited for the incident that day. Harrison failed to appear in court or pay fines and was booked on the citations for theft and possession of a handgun while underage on April 15th.

Osvaldo Ramos steals $340 worth of merchandise from Macy’s

22-year-old Osvaldo Gomez Ramos stole merchandise from Macy’s on Hillsboro Pike in the afternoon of March 24th. When officers arrived, Ramos was detained and searched by loss prevention employees, who provided footage showing him exiting the location with $340 worth of items. Ramos was then cited for the theft that day. Then, Ramos was booked on the citation of organized retail crime on April 15th.

DUI: Angel Gomez unable to tell officers why he crashed his car

27-year-old Angel Gomez had a single-vehicle accident on Una Antioch Pike in the early hours of  March 17th. Upon arrival, officers spoke with Gomez and he admitted to consuming alcohol before driving. Officers noticed he reeked of alcohol and could not account for his whereabouts or what caused the crash. Gomez was then cited for the incident that day. Gomez failed to appear in court or pay the fines before April 9th and was booked on the citation of driving under the influence on April 15th.