Love’s employee Toni Dunn stuffs $1900 into her pockets and flees down Trinity Lane on foot

Police say 18-year-old Toni Ernest Dunn was a brand new employee at the Love’s Travel Stop on Trinity Lane when on November 11th, she scanned a “no sale” card which caused both of the cash drawers to open. Knowing her co-worker, Jeffery Sauvie, had just stepped outside to the back of the store. She quickly grabbed $1,930 in cash from the registers and stuffed it in her pants pockets before fleeing the store. Police reviewed the security footage and used her information from her employment file to complete the arrest warrant for felony theft, which she was booked on this week.

Target Employee Romale Grant busted stealing Apple products from stockroom

21-year-old Romale Grant is charged with stealing $4,239 worth of Apple products from the White Bridge Target store, where he was employed. Police say during a two-week period, Grant took 8 pairs of 3rd generation AirPods, 8 Airpod Pros, and 1 iPhone 14. Grant admitted to taking the merchandise from the tech stockroom and concealing them in his clothing or a bag until he exited the store. He states he would then sell the merchandise “on the streets.”

Rebecca Huffines charged in self-checkout theft at Walmart

47-year-old Rebecca Huffines is charged with theft after police say she walked into the Dickerson Pike Walmart, selected multiple items during a trip throughout the store, and failed to scan all of them at the self-checkout registers. According to Walmart’s loss prevention department, Huffines would scan one item while placing multiple unscanned items in a bag with it. Walmart reports the total amount she under-scanned as $119.95. She was stopped as she exited, and all items were recovered.

De’Jone Johnson charged in Walmart Burglary of $1,187 in merchandise

Police say 29-year-old De’Jone La’Mar Johnson walked into the Walmart on Dickerson Pike, selected $1,187.40 worth of merchandise, and attempted to walk out of the store without paying. He was stopped at the doors by loss prevention, who noted that Johnson was previously trespassed from Walmart in March, which now made this a burglary.

Lisa Disney charged with shoplifting from Macy’s at Green Hills Mall

Police say 42-year-old Lisa Disney of Cleveland, TN, went to Macy’s at Green Hills Mall and was captured on video concealing merchandise on her person and walking past all points of sale. Store security detained her as she was exiting the building and recovered the merchandise.

Frank Tidwell charged with stealing team hoodie from Nashville Soccer Club Pro Shop

35-year-old Frank Tidwell is charged with theft after police say he was observed taking a Nashville Soccer Club hoodie from the Team’s Pro Shop located inside the stadium. The value of the hoodie was $94.99.

John Tristen Mitchell steals ex-girlfriend’s laundry basket; assaults sister on same day

Police say 26-year-old John Tristen Mitchell forcibly entered the residence of his ex-girlfriend, Catherine Parker, on October 15th. Once inside her home, he began to break light fixtures and other glass objects that belongs to Parker. Prior to leaving, he took her laundry basket, emptied the contents on the floor, and absconded with the laundry basket. On that same day, Mitchell met with his sister, McKenzie Mitchell, on Charlotte Pike and got into a verbal argument. He escalated the argument into an assault by pulling his sister’s hair and pushing her to the ground, where he punched and slapped her in the face multiple times before fleeing the scene. Mitchell is charged with aggravated burglary, domestic assault, theft, and vandalism.

Germari Jones steals & pawns the airpods of the man he’s spending the night with

Jakir Wills says he had 19-year-old Germari Jones over to sleep at his house on September 24th & 25th. After Jones left, he was unable to locate his AirPods. Using the tracker feature, he pinpointed them to be at the Easy Pawn on Dickerson Pike. Police contacted the pawn shop, which provided a copy of the ID used to pawn the AirPods, which belonged to Gemari Jones. A warrant was issued for the arrest of Jones and was served on him Tuesday after he was in a traffic collision, and his name was run through the police database.

Felicia Smith jailed on 19-year-old warrant for theft from her then-employer, Home Depot

45-year-old Felicia Smith is free on pre-trial release after she was booked last week on a 19-year-old warrant charging her with taking $700 from her cash drawers when she was employed by Bellevue Home Depot in 2003. The warrant says she confessed to the theft at the time, but she was never booked on the warrant, which remained open all these years. She took the $700 between June and September of 2003. She is scheduled to appear in court in December.

Corterrius Johnson charged with theft of baby mama’s phone & keys to coerce her to talk to him

Police say 27-year-old Corterrius Devonte Johnson and the mother of his child, Victoria Terrell, got into an argument on October 15th, during which he grabbed her keys and phone before going inside his apartment and locking the door with her still standing outside. Officers arrived, and Johnson admitted to taking her phone and keys to coerce her into talking to him.