Valet charged in theft of Escalade from Element Hotel — Jamecyn Bowen

Police say 19-year-old Jamecyn Bowen was working as a valet at the Element Hotel in Nashville on February 17 when he parked the 2022 Cadillac Escalade of a guest at 8:05 p.m. Just over two hours later, an unknown person walked directly to the Escalade and drove it to the gate of the garage, where Bowen used his key card to swipe at the gate allowing the Escalade to exit. Bowen never returned to work after that night, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was booked on that warrant this week, which charged him with facilitation of theft of property. The vehicle was valued at $80,000.

Christopher Price identified as man who went on rampage with fishing poles and box cutters

Police say 31-year-old Christopher Price had a busy Saturday just south of downtown Nashville as he struck a Greyhound bus station security guard and multiple patrons with fishing poles and then stole merchandise from Nashville Wine & Spirits. His afternoon wasn’t complete, as when police caught up with him, he was attempting to steal merchandise from a convenience store and pulled two box cutters on employees who confronted him. They disarmed him, and he was taken into custody.

Target Employee Mohamed Shehadah charged in thefts from cash drawer

18-year-old Mohamed Shehadah was charged with theft for crimes committed starting on Jan 1st at Target. Shehadah was employed as a cashier at Target on Charlotte Pike and was caught on camera removing $849 from his cash drawer and placing it into his pocket. Police say he was caught again on Jan 14th, stealing $471, and on Feb 11th, taking $400, totaling $17,20.

Jeremiah Brown brutally assaults girlfriend, who isn’t performing chores to his liking

27-year-old Jeremiah Brown is charged with the brutal assault of his girlfriend, Kierra Jemison, after he felt she was not adequately performing household chores and became “enraged,” according to court documents. He reportedly punched his fist through her bedroom door, and she ordered him to leave. He left but returned a short time later when he punched her several times in the face without warning. She attempted to block his assault but received injuries to her head, neck, hands, and hand to be transported to the hospital by medics for a concussion. Previously, Kierra threw knives at Brown, threatened to have him killed, and attempted to run over him with a car.

Nashville Police get scammed in their own undercover drug deal — Shannon Jefferson

Undercover detectives with the Metro Nashville Police Department pre-recorded the serial numbers on the $40 in cash they handed to 50-year-old Shannon Jefferson in downtown Nashville. The agreement was Jefferson would sell them $40 worth of cocaine. They say Jefferson left to go get the cocaine, and as he moved further away from the area, he turned his shirt inside-out to change his appearance and left the area with no plans of returning with his free money. Officers eventually caught up with him and changed him with theft.

Dejon Bradley charged with auto theft after leaving fingerprints on rearview mirror

20-year-old Dejon Bradley’s fingerprints were found on the rearview mirror of a 2020 Kia Optima that was stolen from Dakara Barton. After the vehicle was recovered in December on Due West Ave, it was processed for fingerprints. Bradley’s fingerprints were matched, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was booked on that open warrant this week.

Nicholas Perrino charged in movie-worthy heist of Great Pyrenees dog from Nashville home

Police say 76-year-old Nicholas Perrino drove his white Cadillac Escalade from Woodstock, IL, to an alley behind Veron Winfrey Ave in Nashville in August 2022. He retrieved tools and gloves from the rear of the vehicle and then began working on a locked gate at the residence as a female exited the vehicle and joined him as the gate was defeated. He then drilled through a lock of the residence and made entry inside, where he took a Great Pyrenees dog belonging to Tiffay Spencer, which the female accomplice assisted in getting into their vehicle. Warrants were issued, and a Grand Jury indictment was obtained. Perrino was booked into custody this week.

Saul Arambula test drives car & doesn’t come back

29-year-old Saul Arambula stole a test drive vehicle. On the 25th, Belle Meade Police received a notification for a stolen vehicle near Harding Place and conducted a traffic stop. Officers made contact with the driver, who had inquired about the purchase of the car through a private sale by the owner. Arambula test-drove the vehicle and never returned it.

Server Aja Joblin-Lovelady jailed after cash register theft scheme at Big Machine Distillery

42-year-old Aja Joblin-Lovelady is charged with felony theft after her management at Big Machine Distillery caught onto her schedule to fraud the establishment out of $2,500 over the course of several months. As a server, she would reportedly ring up food for a table but later remove items from the check in the system after the guests received their checks, putting the leftover money in her pocket from their full payment. Management caught the activity on camera and contacted police, who issued a warrant for her arrest.

Hailey Carney found in a stolen Camry with a baby, ecstasy, and Bud Light Platinum

Belle Meade Police Officer Wes Bowker responded to a license plate reader (LPR) hit on a stolen Toyota Camry as it drove through the mini city on February 15th. 22-year-old Hailey Carney was found to be driving the car during a traffic stop, along with a small child in the back seat. A search of the car revealed a small bag of what Carney identified as ecstasy and an open Bud Light Platinum in the center cup holder.