Couple overdoses in Mapco as son waits in the car

53-year-old Sharyn Wells and 29-year-old Mark Yurt were charged with child neglect and unlawful possession of a controlled substance after the couple overdosed in Mapco while their 13-year-old son was waiting in the car.

Woman attacks girlfriend for texting other women

21-year-old Alanna Graham was charged with domestic assault after she attacked her girlfriend for texting other women.

ARREST: Man dug fingernails into back of victim’s jaw – still visible two days later, police say

19-yea-old Kozie McPherson-Ellison was arrested for domestic assault after leaving fingernail marks on the back of a female victim’s jaw that were still visible two days after the incident.

Fail: He tried to Rob Thorton’s. He tried to hide his face – He failed at both.

The man who tried to rob Thornton’s convenience market on Lebanon Pike at 3:35 a.m. on Sunday waited too late to pull up his bandana mask, resulting in his face being photographed as he walked up to the front door. The clerk also rebuffed his robbery demands for cash, making this the most epic robbery attempt of 2019.

Sexual Battery: Woman strips & grabs man’s butt at Mapco #Arrested

44-year-old Renee Ashcraft is jailed in lieu of a $3,700 bond after police say she began to take off her clothes at a South Nashville Mapco and grabbed the manager’s butt in a sexual manner without his consent.

You can’t cash in stolen lottery tickets: Cordell Williams #Arrested

Cordell Williams was arrested on Monday for outstanding warrants involving the theft of, and redeeming of, lottery tickets. He is currently being held on 5 counts of theft, and on an out of county warrant. It all stared the morning of 02/15, when Cordell L Williams (29), entered the Mapco at 629 Old Hickory Blvd, and removed 22 lottery tickets valued at $25 each from the display box, and exited without paying. The total value was $550. Williams then fled the location in a gray Chrysler 300. Later that same…

Felony Drug Arrest: Erika Campbell Sells 27 Oxymorphone 40’s & Admits to More

On Wednesday, 11/29, Erika Campbell of  Litton Ave in East Nashville. pulled into the Mapco at S. Gallatin & Briley and parked beside Virginia Stevens in the far back portion of the parking lot. Minutes later, both would leave in handcuffs, with lots of pills and cash seized – and Campbell would tell police that’s she’s made the same traction multiple times before, to the same person. The Quick List: Dealer: Erika Campbell (Grey Nissan Sentra) Buyer: Virginia Stevens (White Ford Edge) Erika Campbell was in possession of 29 oxymorphone 40mg…

David Armstrong steals $2600 in Lottery Tickets from MAPCO

David Armstrong, 19, of Rainbow Village Mobile Home Park, was arrested on Friday for stealing over $2600 in lottery tickets from Mapco over the previous 10 days. Mapco employees count the tickets nightly, and for the past 10 nights the counts have come up substantially short. When confronted with video of at least 8 occasions, Armstrong admitted to the theft, along with various food and drink items. Armstrong then provided a written confession. In a somewhat ironic social media post, on July 1st, Armstrong quoted Hebrews 13:5-6 as below: Armstrong was…