Trio from 5-member shoplifting ring charged in thefts at Mapco stores

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Masi Kingston is the latest to be charged in series of Mapco thefts from 2019. He was served overnight as he was transferred into the Metro Nashville Jail. He will join two more co-defendants, Jerock Walker and Annisha Holmes, who were previously arrested, on their next court date to answer to the charges.

Metro Nashville Police have charged Masi Kingston, Jerock Walker, and Annisha Holmes, in a series of thefts from Mapco stores on Old Hickory Boulevard. Though some were served on the outstanding warrants in recent months, the latest defendant was charged overnight.

Metro Police say in 2019, a group of five people entered the Mapco at 629 Old Hickory Blvd. and worked together to distract employees so they could conceal and steal multiple items. Masi was observed on security footage reaching across the counter to the lottery tickets, and all five co-defendants fled with multiple stolen items. Two of the individuals have yet to be served with the warrants in the case.

Minutes after the above incident, the same group repeated the theft at another nearby Mapco location. Masi Kingston remains jailed on a $53,000 bond for other charges, and all 3 are scheduled to appear in court in the coming weeks.

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