Police catch urinating man mid-stream after he punches his girlfriend

44-year-old Robert Wicks was charged with domestic assault and public indecency after he threw his girlfriend to the ground and punched her in the chest before officers found him urinating at the scene where the assault took place.

Felony charge dropped after former informant lies to police about man he brought to his room

43-year-old Bryan Fulkerson was charged with false report after calling 911 in regard to an aggressive “stranger” that locked himself inside of his room that was proven to be someone Fulkerson knew and willfully let inside.

Man pepper-sprays girlfriend after taking her car for three days

44-year-old Robert Newman was charged with domestic assault after he pepper-sprayed his girlfriend when she chased him down the road because he refused to return her vehicle.

Man strangles sister-in-law during family fight over missing Cashapp card

27-year-old Matthew Mckenzie was charged with aggravated assault after he strangled his sister-in-law while his wife was kicking her out of the apartment.

Lover’s quarrel over unwanted company leaves man bloody

25-year-old Davianna Hyde was charged with aggravated assault after her partner claimed she struck him in the back of his head with a silver object when he tried to leave because she invited another woman over.

Woman ends verbal dispute by punching cousin in face

40-year-old Jantail Barbee was charged with domestic assault after she punched her cousin in the cheek while trying to de-escalate a verbal argument.

Man punches woman over missing money after he spends night at her place

27-year-old Ralos Jones was charged with assault after he punched a woman in the mouth when she attempted to shut her door on him during a heated dispute over missing money.

Woman leaning over stranger’s bed identified by phone she left behind

34-year-old Stephanie Pendleton was charged with aggravated burglary after a man woke up to her hovering over him and discovered $33 missing from his room. Officers identified Pendleton by a phone she had left behind in the home.

Charges dropped: Man yelling and kicking cars near Wild Beaver Saloon #happybirthday

21-year-old Dylan Gulledge was charged with public intoxication after someone reported he was yelling and kicking a car that he claimed to be his fianc√©’s in a parking garage near Wild Beaver Saloon.

Man threatens to kill cousin over funeral fight; per report

26-year-old Stevario Midgett Jr. was charged with harassment when he threatened to kill his cousin after a fight started at a funeral because someone slandered the deceased.