Joseph Friday charged in assault of girlfriend; pushing her, shattering a bowl, bruising her

26-year-old Joseph Friday told police, who showed up at his and his girlfriend’s apartment at Crossroads at the Gulch Apartments, that they argued over her cheating on him. He told police that he did not have any physical altercation with her, Alissa Bloom, but admitted to slapping popcorn out of her hand. Also, he said that Alissa attempted to break down a door while they argued. Alissa told police that during the argument, Joseph pushed a laptop into her, knocking the bowl of popcorn out of her hand, shattering the bowl, and bruising her hand. Police noted the shattered bowl and the bruise on Alissa’s hand. She told police that he also slapped a cell phone across her face. The officers determined Joseph to be the primary aggressor and arrested him for domestic assault.

John Nicklas charged in domestic assault of Bimbo, ex-girlfriend

49-year-old John Nicklas told police, “In the heat of the moment, I probably did lunge at her, but I never actually hit her” about a domestic assault on September 13th. Police spoke to his ex-girlfriend, Sharon Bimbo, at the Hampton Inn & Suites Nashville Airport on Donelson Pike, who said she and John argued while in a vehicle parked at the hotel. She told police that John spit in her face and attempted to hit her while she was in the back. Sharon showed police a video of John turning around in the vehicle and yelling at her. Also, the video showed John lunge at her and raise his hand as if to attempt to strike her. She said that she felt in danger for her safety at that time. He admitted to arguing with her in the vehicle. Police determined John was the primary aggressor and arrested him for domestic assault.

MN tourist Rachel Jensen jailed after fight with mother at Ole Red Nashville

23-year-old Rachel Jensen told police, who showed up to Ole Red Bar in response to a fight on September 1st, that her mother got into her face. She said that her mother yelled at her for how she treated her cousin. Rachel told police she pushed her mother’s chest to get her out of her face. She told police that her mother did not threaten her and would never hurt her. Police also interviewed her mother, Patricia Jensen, who said they argued and pushed each other. She said that she could not remember who pushed first.

Taylor York charged after slapping husband at Nashville Airport

33-year-old Taylor York was seen by police arguing with her husband, James Allen York III, at Nashville International Airport. They spoke to Taylor and James, who both confirmed that Taylor slapped James. Taylor said that she took the argument too far, and police saw the incident on camera. Taylor was deemed the primary aggressor and was cited for domestic assault on July 22nd. She was placed into booked on the charge this week.

David Hansen charged with assault of girlfriend after leaving Nickelback concert

37-year-old David Hansen became upset with Sarah Forbes on the way home from the Nickelback concert on August 1st for walking too fast or too slow. Sarah told police the next day; she said that he verbally abused her on the car ride home and then continued once they got home. She said he then began throwing her clothes down the stairs and yelling in her face to get out of the house. David then grabbed her by her wrists, attempting to push her down the stairs, breaking her bracelet. At one point, she said that he had his full weight on her restricting her from escaping, and pinned her against the wall, where she hit her head. He attempted to drag her by her shirt out of the door, ripping it, but her head hit the door stop several times. Sarah also said that David threatened to throw her out of the window. Police observed marks consistent with her story and a bump on the back of her head. David was booked on August 11th.

Geoffrey Woodward steals daughter’s keys & wallet when she refuses to speak to him

51-year-old Geffrey Woodward was jailed Wednesday on an open warrant charging him with stealing his daughter’s keys and wallet, leaving her stranded at the gym. Geoffrey and the 20-year-old’s mother, Sarah, are in the midst of a highly contentious divorce that spanned the last two years and has had more drama than a daytime soap opera (more on that in a future story). Police say that on June 2 his daughter was working out at Orange Theory Fitness on Crestmoor Drive when Geoffrey approached her on the treadmill, demanding she talk to him. She walked away from him, and he followed her as she went to the locker room to retrieve her belongings. After receiving her phone, keys, and wallet, she walked to the restroom. Her father then grabbed her arm and took her wallet and keys, but was unable to grasp her phone. He was able to shut the bathroom door so he couldn’t follow her inside. She then called police, and Geoffrey fled the location. When contacted, he refused to return her keys or wallet, leaving her stranded at the location. The incident was captured on video.

Brittney Paredes pushes boyfriend into hotel toilet during argument

35-year-old Brittney Paredes was booked early Saturday morning after assaulting her boyfriend at Hillside Crossing Hotel on Spence Lane. Police spoke with James Blair, who said he and his girlfriend got into an argument, so he went to the bathroom to get away. Paredes followed him and stood in the doorway of the bathroom, not allowing him to exit. According to Blair, Paredes then pushed him, causing him to fall into the toilet. He got up and pushed her back so he could get out of the bathroom. When police questioned Paredes, she admitted to blocking her boyfriend in the bathroom and shoving him. She said when he shoved her, she fell into the side of the bed and scraped her right forearm. Based off of both stories and the injury, police determined Paredes to be the primary aggressor, and she was transported to booking.

Ta’Niah Cole jailed after putting hands on boyfriend during an argument

19-year-old Ta’Niah Cole was jailed on July 1st for assaulting her boyfriend when an argument turned physical. When police arrived, they spoke with Cole, who explained that she and her boyfriend were in an argument, and she pushed him. Then he walked outside and called the police, and the altercation ended. Police spoke with the victim separately, and he confirmed that he and Cole were arguing when she pushed him. They argued for some time after the push until she hit him in the shoulder. According to the victim, that’s when he called the police and stood outside until they arrived. After the victim made his statement, he showed the officers text messages from Cole saying that she was sorry for “putting hands on you.” Cole admitted to the text messages and showed them to the police, and she was taken into custody.

Crystal Holder pulled braids from her sister’s head, left her with large bald patch after fight

20-year-old Crystal Holder was jailed this week on an outstanding domestic assault warrant from November. Police say that just four days before Thanksgiving, Holder pulled the hair of her sister, Shantel Lacy, during a domestic dispute on Archwood Place. Responding officers documented a bald patch on Lacy’s head and several long braids pulled out and laying on the table. Holder fled the scene before police arrived, and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Ethan Coles attacks brother in Nashville; his brother fought back

20-year-old Charles ‘Ethan’ Coles and his brother Daniel Coles were in downtown Nashville Tuesday when Ethan was highly intoxicated and attempted to instigate a fight with his brother. Daniel attempted to walk away to diffuse the situation when Ethan attempted to punch him in the back of the head at first and succeeded on the second attempt. In response to the attack continuing, Daniel picked up his brother and “threw him on the ground.” When he didn’t stop, Daniel then punched him in the face, leaving an injury to Ethan’s mouth. Witnesses corroborated the events, and Ethan was taken into custody.