Man accused of pinning down roommate and swinging at her

34-year-old Roderick Beach was charged with domestic assault after he allegedly grabbed a woman around her neck and attempted to punch her.

Man found at Bojangles with partially severed penis after wife bites it in self-defense

41-year-old Jerry Anderson was charged with aggravated rape, aggravated assault, and domestic assault after strangling his wife until she passed out and forcing his penis into her mouth as she regained consciousness.

Man charged with domestic assault after allegedly peppering girlfriend with punches

52-year-old Calvin Reams was charged with domestic assault for reportedly punching his ex-girlfriend multiple times in the face after a disagreement in an encampment of unhoused people.

Man overdoses on floor of pregnant wife he punched in stomach

32-year-old Jerry Conley was charged with domestic assault and violating an order of protection after he punched his wife when she was pregnant and was caught a few months later overdosing in her home with an order of protection in place.

Lovers beef at Tyson Foods meat processing plant

26-year-old Christopher Palacios was charged with domestic assault and theft when he accused his girlfriend of cheating, threatened to kill her if she was, stole her car keys, and then her car when she refused to get in it with him.

Former Disney duo’s lovers’ quarrel ends in arrest when one tops the other

30-year-old Justine Pasamonte was charged with domestic assault after he got into a couple’s quarrel with his lover in their hotel room and pushed him to the ground.

Mother punches daughter in face over not getting her cigarettes while in hospital

56-year-old Vanessa Mooreland was charged with domestic assault, and her daughter, 36-year-old Temika Mooreland, was charged with violation of an order of protection after months of arguing.

Teen fights cousin’s vehicle over beef

19-year-old Mya Fondren was charged with vandalism and domestic assault after she hit and kicked a vehicle that her cousin and aunt were inside due to a beef she had with her cousin.

Man strangles girlfriend with an Adidas drawstring bag

24-year-old Tommy Spurlock was charged with 2 counts of domestic assault and aggravated assault when his girlfriend told a detective he had abused her multiple times over the course of 2 months which caused her to fear for her life.

Man charged with domestic assault after knocking roommate’s hat off

25-year-old Jared Crosby was charged with domestic assault after he got into an argument with his roommate over personal issues, punched her in the face several times, and knocked her hat off.