Tylin Udley assaults girlfriend during argument

22-year-old Tylin Omar Udley had a domestic incident with his girlfriend, Jalee Sears, at her Susannah Court apartment on April 9th. Upon arrival, officers spoke with Sears, who stated she and Udley had an argument, which escalated when she tried to leave the residence, but he wouldn’t allow her. She added that he had her phone and keys as he stood in front of the exit. When Jalee tried to walk out, he grabbed her, causing a scratch on the back of her shoulder. Jalee said she had to push Udley so she could finally leave and advised the incident lasted about 30 minutes. When they spoke with Udley, he said that they only argued, and nothing else happened. Udley was taken into custody for domestic assault and false imprisonment.

Jaymi Coleman assaults ex-boyfriend for bringing his dog to her house

27-year-old Jaymi Coleman had a domestic incident with her ex-boyfriend, Caleb Reese, at her residence on March 18th.  Reese alerted the authorities, stating he went to drop his dog off to her. As he did this, Coleman tried blocking him from returning to his car because she did not want his dog at her house. Then, Reese turned around to tend to the dog, and she stepped on the back of his leg, leaving a visible mark. After this, Coleman got into his car’s driver seat, so Reese removed her by pulling her out of the vehicle by her ankle. Reese then drove away and called the police. Coleman was booked on a summons for domestic assault on April 3rd.

Courtney Hall assaults girlfriend after being confronted with video of him cheating

29-year-old Courtney Vandame Hall had a domestic incident with his girlfriend, Tiera Ligon, at his Stonewater Drive residence in the early hours of August 16th, 2023. At around 3:17 p.m., officers were working an extra job at Tristar Summit Hospital when they spoke with Ligon, who advised that she and Hall argued after he accused her of having shoes someone else bought for her. Ligon stated Hall made remarks about their relationship, telling her she needed him. To which Ligon replied, “She could have married someone better off if she wanted to be in it for the money.” Ligon said after this, Hall punched her in the face, leaving a visible laceration to her left eyebrow that required stitches. Officers determined there was probable cause to have an arrest warrant issued for Hall.

On April 7th, 2024, a third-party caller alerted the authorities, stating her daughter, Tiera Ligon, was being hit by her husband, Courtney Vandame Hall, at his home on Stonewater Drive. Before officers arrived, they discovered Hall had an outstanding domestic-related warrant for the previously mentioned August 2023 incident. When officers arrived, they located, detained, and Mirandized Hall, under which he waived his rights. Hall then told officers that Ligon went through his phone and found messages between him and another woman, who he said was a friend, informing him about a close friend’s death. He stated Ligon started accusing him of cheating and started yelling in his face, so he “body-checked” her, causing her to fall in the kitchen. Then, Hall advised officers that she tried to “attack” him, so he pushed her again, during which she tried to bite him. Officers noticed he had some skin peeling on his stomach, consistent with a scratch.

Officers then spoke with Ligon, who stated she found out Hall was having an affair, so she confronted him with recordings of him telling another woman he loved her. She said that he then rushed her, demanding she unlock her phone so he could delete the evidence she had. Ligon then refused, which was when Hall started attacking her. A struggle ensued over her phone, where Hall took the phone and threw her down by the bed, by her TV, and then back by the bed. During this, Ligon added, Hall kicked her three times in the face, leaving her with a busted lip and bruising. Officers observed blood on her clothing and deemed him as the primary aggressor. Hall was taken into custody for two counts of domestic assault.

Dana Genest assaults female roommate after argument

47-year-old Dana Robert Genest had a domestic altercation with his roommate, Erina Clark, at their Village Hills Drive apartment on April 7th. Upon arrival, officers spoke with Clark, who stated that she and Genest had argued about her not wanting him in their unit. Then, Genest pushed her head against the closet wall, leaving bruising and redness on her chest. She added that she could not call the police immediately because he had hidden her phone, but after he went to work, she felt more comfortable alerting them. Genest was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Robert Ball threatens to kill family, punches wife in face multiple times because she has friends

24-year-old Robert Ball was involved in a domestic altercation with his wife, Amanda Ball, at the Marathon on Old Hickory Boulevard on April 7th. When officers arrived, they made contact with Amanda, who alleged that Robert assaulted her. Amanda told officers that while traveling on I-24 West, an argument began due to Robert being upset that she has friends. During the dispute, Robert told Amanda that he would kill her and their child in the back seat. Robert proceeded to punch Amanda in the left side of her face. After being struck, Amanda demanded that she and her child be let out of the car. That is when Robert stopped at the gas station. As Amanda gathered her belongings and her child out of the vehicle, Robert punched her in the face again. The incident was witnessed by two bystanders who corroborated Amanda’s statements. Robert fled the scene before officers arrived. Robert Ball was later taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Local Musician Logan Ramp assaults wife over argument about finances

33-year-old Local Musician Logan Ramp had a domestic incident with his wife, Michelle Lynn Ramp, near B & K Roofing on Hermitage Park Drive on April 4th. Officers were called to the location for a welfare check on a female yelling for help in the background of a 911 phone call. Logan and Michelle flagged officers down when they arrived, asking to speak with them. Logan stated he and Michelle had argued about their recent financial difficulties, and she had started calling the police. Logan explained that he thought Michelle went too far by calling them, so he reached over and took the phone from her.

Michelle told officers that their argument escalated when she tried to leave, and he blocked the door and pushed her back into their apartment. After that, Michelle said she was scared, so she tried to call the police for assistance, but Logan snatched the phone out of her hand and hung up on them. Michelle said that she later convinced him to go outside to walk the dog with her, during which she saw the first responding officer and flagged him down. Michelle then explained that they had a similar argument a few days prior regarding their financial situation, where Logan had pushed her off their couch. When she got up, Logan forced her onto a chair, grabbed her arms, and lifted her in the air while he screamed at her. Michelle showed officers the bruises on her left arm and her call history, which aligned with the time the call came to 911. Logan Ramp was taken into custody for two counts of domestic assault and interference with an emergency call.

Simply Organic CEO Scott Mitchell kicks wife in ribs & punches her in face at Nashville hotel

52-year-old Scott Patrick Mitchell, CEO of Simply Organic Beauty, had a domestic altercation with his wife, Lauren Ashley Mitchell, at the JW Marriott Hotel on 8th Avenue South in the early hours of April 7th. Upon arrival, officers spoke with Lauren, who had a bloody nose and a busted lip. Lauren advised she sustained the injuries when Scott struck her in the face repeatedly. She explained that Scott had returned to the hotel intoxicated, which sparked the initial argument. Scott then kicked Lauren in the ribs while they were lying on the bed. Lauren then tried to get up, but Scott grabbed her and started hitting her until hotel security broke up the fight. Other guests called security due to the noise of the incident. Officers noticed the couple was intoxicated and that Scott had a scratch from when Lauren was trying to get out of bed. Scott Patrick Mitchell was then taken into custody for domestic assault.

DUI: extremely intoxicated Harrison Massey punches girlfriend in face

25-year-old Harrison Massey had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Liberty Clark, in their apartment at The Guthrie North Gulch on April 9th. Upon arrival, officers spoke with Clark, who advised that Massey was extremely intoxicated and was arguing with her, during which he grabbed a butcher knife and ran into the bathroom where she was. She said he laughed, put the knife down, punched her in the face, and chased her outside to the courtyard of the apartment complex. Witnesses heard her screaming and crying and went to help her. During this, Massey left the area. Clark then told them that he was suicidal, an alcoholic, and threatened to shoot her in the face. While officers were interviewing Clark, Massey called, so she answered and put the call on speaker for them to hear. During the call, he started crying hysterically and kept repeating, “I am sorry.” He then stated, “Just shoot me in the fucking face.”

Officers pleaded with Massey to come downstairs and unarmed and speak with them. Massey agreed but got into his vehicle and drove toward the entrance of the apartment complex, where he swerved twice and almost hit another vehicle. When Massey exited his vehicle, officers could smell the odor of alcohol emitting from his body and observed a liquor bottle in the back seat along with a gun under the driver’s seat.

Corey Walker assaults girlfriend with lanyard during altercation

34-year-old Corey Lartez Walker had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Ashley Baltimore, at their shared Old Franklin Road apartment on January 5th, 2023. Officers were dispatched to a Bluffhollow Gap residence around 9:00 p.m. and spoke with Baltimore when they arrived. Baltimore stated that she and Walker argued at their apartment while she was doing laundry and taking care of their child. She added that he had been drinking and accused her of taking his phone. During their argument, Walker hit Baltimore’s arm with a lanyard and picked up her purse. The couple struggled over Baltimore’s purse, causing her to fall onto the ground and hit her head. Baltimore said she tried to leave afterward, but Walker slammed the door shut. Officers noticed she sustained swelling to the left side of her head from falling and a cut on her wrist from the lanyard. Walker was taken into custody for domestic assault on April 6th, 2024.

Taylor Gorzki assaults ex-boyfriend during argument at Jason Aldean’s Rooftop Bar

22-year-old Taylor Lynn Gorzki had a domestic altercation with her ex-boyfriend, Guillermo Ochoa, late April 5th. Ochoa was at Honky Tonk Central when he called the police and stated he and Gorzki had a verbal argument over their relationship status at Jason Aldean’s Rooftop Bar. Ochoa told Gorzki they were not going to get back together, so she pushed him. He added that they have a history of domestic incidents and showed officers the bruises on his chest. Ochoa said he was fearful that Gorzki would continue attacking him, so he pushed her. Then, Ochoa told officers that he and a friend tried to leave Jason Aldean’s, but she followed them to Honky Tonk Central. After this, officers located Gorzki, who explained that she was upset and pushed him. Officers also spoke with Breana Victoria Caldwell, a witness, who shared a similar statement. Caldwell told officers that Gorzki got mad and pushed Ochoa. Gorzki was taken into custody for domestic assault.