Ex-boyfriend stops to get mail, vandalizes vehicle, is accused of gun threat

33-year-old Brett Brown was charged with two counts of domestic assault and vandalism when he stopped at his ex-girlfriend’s home to get his mail and vandalized her son’s vehicle and allegedly threatened them.

Elderly woman throws walker basket, cuts relative during argument

67-year-old Donna Shutt was charged with domestic assault when she threw a metal basket attached to her walker at a relative after getting angry about their conversation.

Nashville man violates order of protection while out on bond over care, custody of child

35-year-old Jeredan Lyles was arrested on May 20, 2020 for violating an order of protection while still out on bond for a March 2020 assault of Hazel Sanchez de Lyles.

Nashville man assaults ex-girlfriend, vandalizes her car while their child watches

21-year-old Mario Mcadoo was charged with domestic assault and vandalism of his after he was involved in an altercation with his ex-girlfriend where he punched her in the arm three times, told her to pull over so he could “beat her ass”, did damage to her car, then bit her on the hand while their child observed from the backseat.

Threatening texts sent to ex-boyfriend leads to harassment charges for woman

20-year-old Unique Holt was charged with harassment after she sent threats via text message to her ex-boyfriend to include threats to hurt him and vandalize his car. She had been arrested in the past for assaulting him.

911 hangup call leads police to find abuse victim

45-year-old Michael Turley was charged with domestic assault after a 911 call follow-up led police to find Jessica Stark with bruises. She reported to police that he had been abusing her for two weeks.

Spilled milk, stolen cigarettes: Antioch woman attacks roommate

49-year-old Lisa Goodman was charged with domestic assault after she shoved Matthew Kauer in the chest and threw a bowl of cereal at him during an argument about her taking two of his cigarettes.

Couple tells cops fight wasn’t physical, video footage tells a different story

24-year-old Maurishiea Murray was charged with domestic assault and 27-year-old Devin Rodgers was charged with aggravated assault by strangulation when they got into a fight and told officers one story but video footage showed another.

Nashville man charged after strangling woman, grabbing phone when she calls 911

41-year-old Marco Schlueter was charged with interference of a 911 call, aggravated assault by strangulation, and vandalism of a $1,200 phone. Schlueter’s charges stem from a 911 call by Homeira Carroll that was abruptly ended during the domestic assault.

Struggle over pot leads to girlfriend grabbing boyfriend’s scrotum

25-year-old Briana Hill was charged with domestic assault after she slapped, bit, and grabbed her boyfriend by the scrotum over a fight for ownership of a jar of pot.