Kearea Ward breaks through front door into home, claims it was the wrong house

33-year-old Kearea Ward used her shoulder to bust through the front door of the home of Connor Haseley and Ali Hutchinson just after 5 a.m. Sunday, setting off their ring doorbell alarm and waking them up. They called down to Ward to tell her to leave their property, causing her to flee the residence. Officers issued a BOLO, and nearby officers located Ward walking away from the neighborhood. She was taken into custody and during questioning admitted she pushed into the home, claiming she believed it belonged to her ex-boyfriend.

No payment, no problem. Trio ran their own wire to NES pole — Christie Murphy, Leon Welch, & Jessica Whitaker

While responding to a downed power-line call on March 25, Nashville Fire observed a homemade/illegal wire connecting a Fernwood Drive home to the power pole and electric grid. NES arrived and confirmed it was an illegal line and was bypassing the meter on the home, which was previously disconnected. 48-year-old Christie Murphy, Leon Welch, & 39-year-old Jessica Whitaker were all living in the home and were taken into custody and charged with theft of services.

Jade Schuler assaults brother during a drunken brawl

34-year-old Jade Schuler was jailed on Saturday Morning after fighting with his brother, Jordan Schuler, on Rose Park Drive. Jordan told police that he and Jade got into an argument, and Jade shoved him several times and locked him out of the house. Officers observed bruises on Jordan’s arms, and his shirt was torn. Jordan said he and his brother had been drinking, and he didn’t know why they got into an argument. The brothers have a history of domestic violence incidents between them.

Dhasia Holliday slaps girlfriend, who tossed her phone charger from moving vehicle

21-year-old Dhasia Holliday had picked up her girlfriend, Sinqueta Davis, after her vehicle broke down, and the two began arguing while in the vehicle. At some point, the argument escalated when Dhasia, who was driving, struck her partner in the face. Dhasia then noticed an officer on the side of the road conducting a traffic stop and pulled in behind the officer and parked. Dhasia told police that Sinqueta threw her phone charger out of the window, which is why she slapped her in the face.

Tourist attempts to use debit card as a phone to call a friend — Camron Siener too drunk for Nashville

Metro Nashville Police arrived at the Kimpton Aertson Hotel in downtown Nashville to find 27-year-old Camron Siener unconscious on the couch in the lobby. Once he was awakened, he admitted to not being a guest at this specific hotel, and repeatedly stated he was actually staying at “12 and Myself”. Officers escorted him off the property at the request of the hotel and attempted to direct him to an Uber to get to his correct hotel. A few moments later, Siener returned back inside the lobby claiming he was, in fact, staying here, and gave them names of several friends who were also registered at the location. The front desk confirmed that neither he, nor any of his friends, were registered at this hotel. Police asked him one last time to contact someone to come get him. Siener then pulled out a debit card and began to use it as a cell phone, in an apparent attempt to phone a friend. Officers eventually determined he was too intoxicated for his own safety and transported him to booking, where he was charged with public intoxication.

DUI: Woman blows double BAC limit, crashes car into utility pole after leaving bar — Yessica Leon 0.177 BAC

22-year-old Yessica Leon was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail early Monday morning after police responded to a single-vehicle crash of which she was the driver. Yessica admitted to having “3-4 drinks” at a local bar before attempting to drive herself home. She showed signs of intoxication on all field sobriety tests and blew a 0.177% BAC on a breathalyzer test. She is free on pre-trial release.

DUI: Soldier ends up on South Nashville train tracks after night at downtown bar, blows .204 BAC— Cliff O’Brien

25-year-old Clifford ‘Cliff’ O’Brien was booked into the Metro Jail just before daylight Sunday morning, charged with DUI. Police were called to the CSX train yard just after 4 a.m. as security had stopped a vehicle they observed driving on the dozens of train tracks at the location. The driver, who lives in Clarksville, told officers he had left a bar in downtown Nashville and his GPS took him to the South Nashville train yard, and onto the tracks, and he didn’t know how to get out. When asked to do a one-legged stand, the soldier instead marched forward while holding each foot in the air for three seconds. He eventually blew a 0.204 BAC on the breathalyzer. He is free on pre-trial release.