Reginae Rogers breaks out glass door & smashes phone when she’s unable to use mother’s phone charger

Metro Nashville Police responded to a domestic disturbance call in Antioch in which 21-year-old Reginae Rogers complained that her mother, Natasha Bryant, would not let her use her phone charger. Reginae reportedly got upset and slammed her phone on the ground, and during the argument used her hand to break a sliding glass door in anger, which also placed her mother in fear of being assaulted. Her mother reported Reginae had been awake for three days and believed her to be on some sort of drug.

Talia Payne charged in attack of her sister during family intervention in Nashville

Cardaja Payne called police to report she went to her mother’s home to pick up her children, and as she approached the driveway she was approached by her sister, 22-year-old Talia Payne. Alongside Talia was her father, Carson Payne, her children’s father, Austin Martin, and her other sister, Amaya Payne. It was an intervention of sorts, as the group accosted her for being late to pick up her children, yelling and screaming at her, some of them calling her a “dead-beat parent” among other names. Talia reportedly first physically assaulted her in the head and then her own father, Carson, held her to the ground while Talia continued to throw strikes at her, and then Amaya reportedly joined in on the assault. She says her children’s father, Austin, then picked her up and slung her to the ground multiple times before getting on top of her and strangling her. Officers documented multiple bruises and injuries and collected matching witness statements. Payne is the first of the group to be booked on charges.

Heather Guzman pushes husband through glass door & leaves him there; claims he did it to himself

Nathan Burkitt says after a night of heavy drinking he was in a 4 a.m. argument with his wife, 30-year-old Heather Guzman, and as the argument continued to escalate to a loud and aggressive state, he suggested that his wife leave the house so they could each have their personal space and rest. He says Heather then pushed him backward through a glass door, shattering it, and left him lying on the back deck, injured and bleeding. When police arrived and interviewed Heather, she claimed he must have been mad at a video game and head-butted the door, which didn’t match any of his injuries. She was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault with bodily injury.

Marshall Brown charged with punching his brother in the face during argument

On June 23rd, a drunken Sten Brown called and told police that his brother, 23-year-old Marshall Brown, punched him in the face just under his left eye during an argument inside their share apartment several days prior on June 17th. Responding officers took photos of the victim’s injury and bruising. When interviewed about the reported assault, Marshall Brown admitted to punching his brother in the face.

Sten was too intoxicated at the time of his report to be taken before a magistrate, but because of the domestic relationship and the obvious injury, officers prosecuted for the assault and took Marshall into custody.

Michelle Parrish slaps her son, who told police she was drunk, cursing him, and trashing her home

Michael Parrish told police who responded to the Seven Springs Way address in Brentwood, that his 64-year-old mother, Michelle Parrish, was drunk, cursing him out, and “trashing her apartment.” As officers were conducting the investigation, Michelle Parrish suddenly slapped her son on the head as he walked by her without any provocation or warning. Witnessing the physical assault, she was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Ashley Thomas charged after attacking boyfriend when he tries to leave during an argument

24-year-old Ashley Thomas was jailed on June 15th, charged with the domestic assault of her boyfriend, Allen Lewis. A bystander heard the assault happening and called police, who arrived to find the two had exited the residence and were now in a vehicle. The victim advised the two were arguing and he attempted to leave to de-escalate the situation. He says she then stepped in front of the door and place her hands around his neck, and when he broke her grip and continued on his way she backhanded him in the nose.

TSU dorm room tussle takes two lovers to jail — Juelle Walker & London Hutchings

TSU Police say they couldn’t determine who was the primary aggressor in a Rudolph Hall assault, so they took both parties to jail. Current TSU student, 20-year-old Juelle Rinae Walker, and her boyfriend and former TSU student, 21-year-old London Hutchings, were bother involved in a fight that caught the attention of 6th Floor RA Courtney Smalls. Hutchings was reportedly “in a jealous rage” because Walker went swimming without him. She says he pushed her and cornered her, and she sustained a cut to her hand and a bruise on her shoulder. He says she was throwing things at him and he was simply defending himself from further injury, as he sustained multiple scratches on his chest, neck, and wrist. TSU Police Officer Christopher Brooks says the judge can sort it out.

Elizabeth Cason charged with assault after chest-bumping her roommate

Linda Austin told police that her roommate, 35-year-old Elizabeth Rhea Cason, was harassing her by getting in her face and attempting to put her in fear. Cason also reportedly also chest-bumped Austin during an argument, with the assault captured on video.

Tourist John Taggart admits to slapping his girlfriend during assault at Opryland Hotel in Nashville

At 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, Metro Nashville Police responded to the Opryland Hotel after Brooke Opel reported her boyfriend, 40-year-old John Taggart, had assaulted her and was attempting to take the keys to her vehicle. When officers interviewed Taggart, he admitted that he slapped Brooke in the face during the argument. Brooke further told police the couple had been out drinking in downtown Nashville, and when they returned to the hotel John became “belligerent” and backhanded her in the face multiple times. Officers documented multiple injuries on the victim’s face and took Taggart into custody.

Dhasia Holliday slaps girlfriend, who tossed her phone charger from moving vehicle

21-year-old Dhasia Holliday had picked up her girlfriend, Sinqueta Davis, after her vehicle broke down, and the two began arguing while in the vehicle. At some point, the argument escalated when Dhasia, who was driving, struck her partner in the face. Dhasia then noticed an officer on the side of the road conducting a traffic stop and pulled in behind the officer and parked. Dhasia told police that Sinqueta threw her phone charger out of the window, which is why she slapped her in the face.