Koree Brooks charged in assault of her boyfriend after leaving a scratch on his cheek

32-year-old Koree Brooks was jailed on Friday afternoon after trying to fight her boyfriend when he wouldn’t talk to her. Police responded to Heiman Street, where Marcus Mcclam and Brooks were in an argument. They have dated on and off for several months. Koree was reportedly upset that Marcus didn’t want to talk to her. Marcus claims that during the argument, Brooks tried to fight him. Police observed a scratch mark on Marcus’s left cheek. Marcus also said his shirt and hoodie were also torn during the fight. Brooks said she was injured while she was trying to get Marcus off of her. Brooks had a scratch mark on her knuckles on her left hand. Based on the details of the incident from both parties, Brooks was determined as the primary aggressor and taken into custody.

Alicia Zaludova charged in assault of roommate, Tyler Storie

49-year-old Alicia Zaludova was arrested for blacking her roommate’s eye in their apartment. Tyler Storie reported that on Feb 24th, Zaludova walked into his room, and they got into an argument. Then she started punching him in the face while he was sitting down. Storie had a black eye and swelling to his face, consistent with the details of the incident. Zaludova admitted arguing with Storie but said she didn’t remember who threw the first punch. Officers observed injuries to her knuckles, but when asked where they came from, Zaludova said they came from her punching a wall. Based on the injuries being consistent with the narrative of events, Zaludova was determined to be the primary aggressor.

Nashville Fire paramedic Nick French charged in assault of wife in Clarksville

39-year-old Nashville Fire Department Paramedic Nicholas French is charged with the domestic assault of his wife, Amanda French, on February 15. She says she went to the bathroom to shower, and Nicholas turned off the shower. She exited and attempted to re-enter the bathroom and had to push past him as he was blocking her way. In the process, she says he slammed her arm in the door and held it for at least thirty seconds before completely slamming it shut and punching it several times. Officers documented indentations on the victim’s arm and a golf ball-sized lump on her leg from the assault. French has been with the Nashville Fire Department since July of 2021 and is currently using his accrued leave time until the situation has been litigated.

Joseph Siddiqi assaults wife after her hijab doesn’t cover her neck as she prays

Police say 37-year-old Joseph Siddiqi grabbed his wife by her neck with one hand and placed the other hand on her mouth, pushing on each hand and squeezing her neck until she bit herself, upset that her hijab was not fully covering her neck as she was praying on Valentine’s Day. Officers responded to their Green Timbers Drive residence in Antioch, where the victim explained her husband was walking behind her as she was praying and became upset that a portion of her neck was visible. She replied, “why didn’t you just help me instead of commenting on it?” which is when he assaulted her. Joseph was charged with domestic assault.

One roommate jailed after night of “drinking to excess” — Edward Rhoden

Police say 27-year-old Edward Rhoden and his roommate, Aaron McCray, were both ‘drinking to excess’ on February 12. Aaron says he doesn’t remember what happened that night but knows he woke up with a black eye. Edward says he absolutely slugged his roommate in his eye, leaving it bruised and black. Officers took Edward into custody and charged him with domestic assault.

Clarksville Divorce Lawyer Michael K. Williamson charged in felony assault of wife

64-year-old Michael Williamson was jailed on Sunday night, charged with the felony aggravated assault of his wife, Larson Faye Williamson. Deputies responded to their Maxshire Court residence just after 7:30 p.m. Sunday for a domestic disturbance call. Both parties were reportedly drunk, and after investigating, deputies determined Michael to be the primary aggressor. During an argument, he is alleged to have pushed his wife and thrown her down onto a chair with one hand while grabbing her neck and upper chest area. The victim’s injuries were documented and consisted of irritation and bruising on her body.

Michael K. Williamson is a debt, criminal defense, and divorce attorney in Clarksville, where he has practiced for over thirty years.

Lovers Gone Wild: Saniya Robinson & Lavelldo Washington both F’d around and found out.

19-year-old Saniya Robinson says she was with her 20-year-old boyfriend, Lavelldo Washington, on February 4 when she noticed he had called his ex-girlfriend while they were in a vehicle together. An argument ensued Saniya shoved Lavelldo, and in return, he threw a phone at her head, leaving her with a large knot in the center of her forehead. She says Lavello also punched her in the face. After the scuffle, Saniya admits she went into Lavelldo’s house and destroyed his $500 cologne, Apple 7 watch, and a pair of Airpod Pros.

Maira Medina Perez tosses roommate’s clothes from dryer, kicks her dog

62-year-old Maria Medina Perez reportedly and her roommate, Jennifer Sandoval, were in an argument on February 3 after Maria took Jennifer’s clothes out of the dryer and walked all over them on the ground. An argument erupted, and Jennifer attempted to leave the situation and take her dog for a walk. Maria blocked the front door to prevent her from leaving and pushed her on the right shoulder. Maria then kicked Jennifer’s dog.

Marcy Reed slaps her boyfriend Raymond Rizzo after offensive comments

Raymond Rizzo says his 26-year-old girlfriend, Marcy Reed, slapped him on January 31 at their shared residence. Marcy admits to slapping Raymond, saying it was in response to something “extremely insensitive and offensive” he said to her. Raymond admits to making the statement. Police arrived at the home and observed a visible “red blotch” on Raymond’s lip from being slapped. Raymond wanted to prosecute her for the assault, and she was taken into custody, and charged with domestic assault.

Police say tourist Joseph Boyington assaulted his girlfriend & robbed her at Nashville hotel

33-year-old tourist Joseph Boyington stayed at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Nashville this week with his girlfriend, Chelsea Matthews Dyer. The couple was enjoying Broadway Monday night when an argument erupted, and Chelsea returned to the hotel and checked into a new separate room. Later in the evening, after Boyington returned to the hotel, she eventually provided him with her new room number, and he visited her on the 23rd floor. She says he grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against a wall, and then took her cell phone and fled the room. She found him on the 3rd floor and encountered him about taking her phone, and he then reportedly threw her against a wall again, and he fled the hotel. Officers documented marks and injuries on the victim and took Boyington into custody.