Chloe Rossi slices webbing of boyfriend’s hand with kitchen knife during argument

Police say 21-year-old Chloe Rossi argued for about twenty minutes with her boyfriend, Daxton Bradford, before she pulled about a yellow kitchen knife and stepped toward him. As he stepped backward with his hands out to escape the situation, she sliced his hand on the inside webbing between his thumb and pointer finger. She was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Octavious Bates “intoxicated and uncooperative” after assault on ex-girlfriend

Metro Nashville Police say 29-year-old Octavious Bates was “intoxicated and uncooperative” when they encountered him as the subject of a domestic assault call on Stratford Avenue. His ex-girlfriend, Kira Mercedes McKenzie, says she invited him over to visit, and at some point, he got drunk and became disorderly. During a subsequent argument, she says Bates grabbed both of her arms and lifted her against a wall, holding her there. Officers documented injuries and bruises to her forearm and bicep.

Meskin Beshili assaults wife after she buys new vehicle without his knowledge

57-year-old Meskin Beshili says his wife, Suad Mustafa, bought a new vehicle without his knowledge. The couple had a verbal argument about the purchase, which escalated when his wife allegedly made a degrading statement about his mother. He says her words upset him, and he “pushed” his wife. During an interview, the victim states Meskin grabbed her by the arms and, pushed her to the couch, then slapped her in the face. Officers documented two injuries on her arm from the assault.

Tyneshia Shant’e Woodland goes on rampage when boyfriend discovers she’s cheating

Police say 22-year-old Tyneshia Shante Woodland damaged the car of her boyfriend, Nadarius Henderson, on November 11th. Some of the damage includes scratches, a busted tail light, a busted headlight, and attempts to puncture the tires. During the automobile assault, Henderson attempted to block things that she threw at him, including a knife, leaving him with a bloody hand and injuries. The argument began when Henderson was told by multiple people that Woodland was cheating on their relationship, so he came to their shared apartment to gather his belongings. Upset that he was leaving, Woodland reportedly went on a rampage. She is charged with vandalism and felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Martez Bell assaults girlfriend, shows her where he plans to kill her, breaks her arm while shoving her in trunk

This isn’t a scene from a movie, but it could be. Police say 37-year-old Martez Bell was riding in his car on River Road with his girlfriend, Brittany Garrett. They two were having a disagreement when he grabbed her throat to strangle her while repeating that he was going to kill her. He then pulled onto a side road and stated this was where she was going to die. He stopped the car and pulled her out of the vehicle, and ordered her into the trunk.

She resisted and refused and was able to get back inside the car and lock him out. As she fled in the car, Bell jumped onto the hood. Brittany instinctively stomped the brakes, causing Bell to fall off the vehicle, allowing her to flee the scene and call 911. She suffered a broken arm as a result of Bell attempting to force her into the trunk.

David Danforth assaults girlfriend after he drunkenly spills candle wax in apartment

39-year-old David Danforth is charged with the domestic assault of his girlfriend, Andrea McCall, after she presented to Vanderbilt Hospital with severe lacerations and bruising. A neighbor initially made a 911 call reporting that the victim was seen spitting up blood outside of her apartment and requested a welfare check. When police encountered her at the emergency department, she disclosed that Danforth, who is her boyfriend, was intoxicated and spilled wax inside their shared apartment. She says he is an alcoholic, and he became irate and stuck his fingers in her mouth, leaving lacerations inside the back of her throat. She says he also kicked her in the leg, leaving a bruise on her upper thigh. A warrant was issued for Danforth’s arrest, and he was booked early Monday morning.

Misty Fain assaults husband as he “falls out” of car in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police Officers working the downtown district observed David Moore suddenly fall out of the passenger seat of a vehicle driven by his wife, 45-year-old Misty Fain, at the intersection of Korean Veterans Blvd & Hermitage Ave. As he fell out of the vehicle, she put the vehicle in park, then drove forward a few feet, then repeated this a few times until officers activated their emergency equipment, at which time she fled the scene at a high rate of speed, leaving her husband on the ground in the middle of an intersection. The victim explained he was originally driving when they began to argue over the directions to Boot Barn. As the argument escalated, he stopped the car and scooted to the passenger seat as his wife walked around and got in the driver’s seat. At some point, she was yelling and screaming and began to hit and assault him, breaking his glasses. He called 911 and she demanded he exit the car, and he ended up on the ground. Officers documented multiple cuts, scrapes, and scratches to the victim’s face, and broken glasses.

Jordan Walker charged with assault of roommate who accused her of stealing

Auriel Amos says her 19-year-old roommate, Jordan J’Shay Walker, packed some of her things in her own bag without her permission. Amos says she confronted Walker about taking her things while they were in the lobby area of the Candlewood Suites Hotel, which led to a heated argument. Walker reportedly began to attack Walker, swinging at her and hitting her. Mia Burns and Laila Spencer witnessed the assault.

Tourist Heather Burke punches husband, gives him a bloody nose, gets a $100 bond.

35-year-old Heather Marie Burke and her husband, Brad Burke, are visiting Nashville from Wisconsin and staying in an AirBNB on Sigler Street. Metro Nashville Police responded to the residence early Thursday morning for a domestic disturbance. Heather told police she punched her husband in the face, leaving him with a bloody nose. She stated that he had her cell phone and she wanted it back, and she also took his phone. Heather’s shirt was bloody as a result of the blood coming from the victim’s nose upon impact from her fist.

Jada Mitchell charged with pushing her boyfriend’s sister during argument

Alisha Lawson told police that she and her brother’s girlfriend, 21-year-old Jada Mitchell, got into a verbal argument which escalated to cursing and yelling, as Mitchell has been staying in their home for the past month. Lawson told Mitchell to leave, and Mitchell shoved her out of the way as she exited the home and went to her car. She is charged with domestic assault.