Florida man Riley Patterson too drunk for downtown Nashville

24-year-old Riley Patterson was attempting to enter Hard Rock Cafe while it was closed at 1:30 a.m. Saturday and caught the attention of nearby officers. He was reportedly extremely intoxicated and attempted to walk away from approaching officers but fell to the ground, unable to maintain his balance. Due to his inability to care for himself and no one to care for him, he was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Evan Novy punches multiple people at Whiskey Bent Saloon

42-year-old Evan Matthew Novy was involved in a scuffle with Zachary Michael Tomasiak and Jennifer Dawn Eagle at Whiskey Bent Saloon on Broadway in the early morning hours of December 9th. Officers responded to the incident and were provided footage showing Novy punching Tomasiak in the upper back. It also shows Novy punching Eagle two times in the face, causing swelling to her cheek. Tomasiak and Eagle wished to prosecute the attack. Novy was visibly intoxicated as he was detained a block away from the Saloon and taken into custody for two counts of assault and disorderly conduct.

Joseph Martinez jailed after attempting to fight people in downtown Nashville

21-year-old Joseph Martinez was arrested outside Jason Aldean’s bar early Saturday morning for fighting. Police reported Joseph tried to punch a random individual after identifying him with his license. He was searched and placed into the patrol vehicle to be transported to booking.

John Mateo jailed after assaulting bouncer at Tequila Cowboy in downtown Nashville

43-year-old John Anthony Mateo was recorded on Tequila Cowboy’s security cameras pushing a security guard on the night of August 25th. Police reviewed the footage of the incident after being flagged down to the business by security. Due to John fighting in public, but there were no injuries, he was arrested for disorderly conduct. He is a resident of Florida and is unlikely to appear in court, so he was not issued a citation.

Crystal Holder pulled braids from her sister’s head, left her with large bald patch after fight

20-year-old Crystal Holder was jailed this week on an outstanding domestic assault warrant from November. Police say that just four days before Thanksgiving, Holder pulled the hair of her sister, Shantel Lacy, during a domestic dispute on Archwood Place. Responding officers documented a bald patch on Lacy’s head and several long braids pulled out and laying on the table. Holder fled the scene before police arrived, and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Adam Smith asks MNPD officer what authority he has — and quickly finds out

33-year-old Adam Roy Smith put his hand on a Metro Nashville Police Officer’s shoulder and asked him why he had to leave and what authority the officer had to make him do so, as he was being kicked out of The Stage on Broadway in the early hours of Sunday morning. Smith had been involved in an altercation at the bar and was asked to leave. He returned later that night and became disruptive a second time, blocking other patrons from entering the venue. As police were taking him into custody for public intoxication, Smith became more aggressive and yelled and screamed at an officer, inches from their face.

Jennifer Croy fires gun at neighbors during shared driveway dispute

Shawn Cates and David Carney met with police Saturday evening to report their neighbor, 39-year-old Jennifer Croy, had just fired a gun at them, and they have the incident recorded on video. The argument was about shared driveway space between the three, and they say the disagreement gradually escalated until Jennifer produced a handgun and pointed the gun at each of the victims, and fired a single shot in their direction. Officer met with Croy, who denied ever pointing a gun at either man but stated she did have a handgun in her possession. Officers played the video for Croy, which clearly showed her pointing and firing the gun, and she continued to deny what the video showed.