Kaya Crawford jumps from moving SUV to assault woman outside 3000 Bar in Nashville

24-year-old Kaya Crawford is charged with the assault of Timesha Douglas at 300 Bar Nashville during an incident on December 20. Police say the two parties were having a verbal disagreement on the sidewalk as they approached the disturbance. Crawford initially got into a white SUV, and Douglas walked along the sidewalk. As both continued on Demonbreun, Crawford jumped from the moving SUV and began to beat Douglas on the sidewalk. Sgt. Reese once again intervened between the two, and Crawford refused to listen to commands and pulled away to continue assaulting Douglas. She refused to cooperate when she was being placed under arrest and was charged with assault, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

Timesha Douglas charged with disorderly conduct outside 3000 Bar after fight

29-year-old Timesha Douglas was booked Monday on an outstanding citation charging her with disorderly conduct. Police say she was at 3000 Bar Nashville on Demonbreun on December 20th when Kaya Crawford assaulted her. After the feuding parties were separated, Douglas charged at Crawford and refused commands to stop, causing a disturbance outside the club on the sidewalk.

Nashville Police arrest Kaley Lee as she’s attempting to ride in ambulance with sister

32-year-old Kaley Lee was jailed early Sunday morning in downtown Nashville after she pushed by police in an effort to get into an ambulance that was about to transport her sister. The two were outside of Legends Corner on Broadway in downtown Nashville when medics determined her sister needed to be transported and loaded her into an ambulance. Lee was adamant about riding in the ambulance with her sister, but Nashville Fire medics denied her request. She screamed for officers to “Let go of me!” as she attempted to be with her sister, and they took her into custody and booked her into the jail with an eight-hour hold for public intoxication.

Ateet Upadhyaya resists arrest after causing disturbance in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police encountered a very intoxicated 35-year-old Ateet Upadhyaya outside the Lucky Bastard Saloon in downtown Nashville on January 15 as he was repeatedly walking over to a group of strangers and interrupting their evening and being a general annoyance. Officers noted if his behavior didn’t stop, a fight would likely break out. Ateet walked away a few feet and then reached both hands out and grabbed two random individuals by their necks, assaulting them. Officers attempted to gain control of Ateet to place him into custody and eventually had to pin him against a wall to gain compliance.

California’s Christian Montion-Dominguez drunk and disorderly at the Holiday Inn Express

28-year-old Christian Montiondominguez was at the Holiday Inn Express on Broadway in the early hours of Saturday morning, yelling and screaming at security and front desk staff, who confirmed he was not a guest of the hotel. He made multiple threats against both people and refused to leave the property. As police took him into custody for trespassing, they noted him to be extremely intoxicated.

Emilio Pacheco, 18, found extremely intoxicated at Antioch trailer park

18-year-old Emilio Pacheco showed signs of extreme intoxication when officers encountered him at an Antioch trailer home park on January 9th. The property owner asked him to leave and contacted the police when he refused. Pacheco became argumentative and combative, and despite his behavior, was given multiple chances to find a ride home, contact his father, or even let an officer drive him home. He refused all options and refused to leave the property. He was taken into custody and charged with underage drinking and disorderly conduct.

Jill Harp to West End Hotel: “I’m staying here, with or without a room!”

43-year-old Jill Harp was found in the lobby of the Graduate Nashville Hotel near Vanderbilt in the early morning hours of January 6. Police say she was not a guest of the hotel, and security had asked her to leave the property multiple times. Harp reportedly told security she needed a place to sleep and was going to stay at the hotel “with or without a room!” As officers arrived to take her into custody for criminal trespass, she slipped her handcuffs once inside the patrol car, and she maneuvered in a way that allowed her to attempt to kick out the back window during transport to booking.

Jaden Winsor fights with bouncers after kicked from Whisky Row bar in Nashville

Police say tourist Anthony Jaden Winsor was in a physical altercation with a bouncer at Whisky Row in downtown Nashville just before 1 a.m. Saturday. Officers observed the fight and intervened, separating both parties. Winsor showed signs of extreme intoxication and reeked of alcohol. As officers attempted to take Jade Winsor into custody for public intoxication, he pulled his arms away and flailed about with his arms and legs. After a brief struggle, he was taken into custody and transported to jail.

73-year-old Katherine Waters charged with disorderly conduct at retirement home

Linda Cooper says she walked into the lobby of the John L. Glenn Senior Residential Center on Ed Temple Blvd on New Year’s Eve, where she observed 73-year-old Katherine Waters sitting in a chair. She says Katherine looked at her and stated she wanted to kill her and accused her of stealing items from her room. Linda called police, and a warrant was issued, charging Waters with disorderly conduct. The 73-year-old is free on pre-trial release.

Paulo Palrao bounced from Lucky’s Bar in downtown Nashville

25-year-old Paulo Palrao was kicked out of Lucky’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville early Saturday morning after staff said he became disorderly inside the bar and to other patrons. Once outside the bar, he continued to fight with bouncers due to his belief he was mistreated while being escorted out of the bar. An officer wrote, “it was evident due to the suspect’s undiminished agitation that his behavior was likely to continue.”