Washington Tourist Natasha Lysiak yells at police, refuses to leave Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk

44-year-old Washington tourist Natasha Spirit Lysiak refused to leave Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk in the early hours of February 3rd. Security at the bar advised officers that she stood before the side door, stopping people from coming or going. Officers responded and observed Lysiak going up to the side door. Officers tried to get her attention, but she started walking away. Then, Lysiak stepped up to the officers, yelling at them as they tried to speak with her, attempting to get in their faces. Lysiak was visibly intoxicated and irate as officers tried talking with her. Lysiak then screamed as she was escorted to the patrol car. Lysiak then refused to sit in the patrol car while yelling at officers. Officers eventually were able to get Lysiak in the vehicle and transported her to booking as she cried in the backseat. Lysiak was taken into custody for public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Karim Adhem caught attempting to put his hand up woman’s skirt at Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk

36-year-old Karim Adhem had an altercation at Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk in the early hours of February 2nd. Security at the bar flagged officers down and advised them of the incident. Upon arrival, they observed Adhem showing signs of intoxication. Officers spoke with the other individual involved in the incident, who told them he heard a woman on the 4th floor behind him telling someone to stop. He turned around and saw Adhem with his hand up the female’s skirt. So, he pushed Adhem away from her. Then, Adhem grabbed his left wrist, refusing to let go until security intervened and detained him. The woman did not wish to press charges or give any information, and Adhem was too intoxicated to prosecute, so officers gave him a complaint card with the following details.  Adhem was taken into custody for disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

Charlie Masingo assaults woman after friend pours drink on her during altercation

21-year-old Charlie Masingo was involved in an altercation at Merchants Restaurant on December 31st with her friend Savannah Mcclellan. When officers arrived at the location, they found Masingo detained and inebriated. Officers learned that Savannah Mcclellan had poured a drink on the victim and that Masingo assaulted the victim afterwards. While speaking with the victim of the altercation, officers observed lacerations on her face stemming from the fight. Officers also located a witness who confirmed that Masingo was involved in the altercation. Masingo was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication and assault.

Savannah Mcclellan pours drink on woman during altercation

20-year-old Savannah Mcclellan was involved in an altercation at Merchants Restaurant on December 31st with her friend Charlie Masingo. When officers came into contact with the victim, she told them that Mcclellan poured a drink on her, and then Masingo assaulted her afterward. Mcclellan admitted to pouring a drink on the victim. A witness also came forward and said that she observed Mcclellan pour the drink on the victim. Mcclellan was taken into custody and charged with assault.

John Perez films in women’s restroom at FGL House; bribes cop with $2,500

22-year-old John Perez was video recording over the stalls in the female’s bathroom at FGL House this weekend, according to security at the venue. Officers responded to FGL House regarding the public annoyance call. Perez was already being detained for filming in the women’s bathroom and being transported when he offered Officer Tucker $2500 for his freedom. Perez was charged with bribery of a public servant and disorderly conduct.

Branko Rabrenovich deemed too drunk for downtown Nashville.

28-year-old Branko Rabrenovich was jailed late Saturday night after refusing to leave the Sun Diner in downtown Nashville when asked to do so. He was visibly intoxicated and reeked of alcohol. Officers attempted to locate a friend to retrieve him but stated he had no one to come to get him. He stated he was going to walk home but quickly fell onto the street and into traffic several times, causing officers to take him into custody. 

Roy Hastings faces felony for passing out nitrous balloons at Phish concert in Nashville

31-year-old Pennsylvania tourist Roy Hastings was observed in the area of the Walk of Fame Park just outside the Phish concert in downtown Nashville this weekend. Officers described a sea of fifty to one hundred people who were all partaking in inhaling nitrous oxide via inflated balloons. Officers noted some were talkative; some were talking about how high they were; some were quiet, while others vomited.

Hastings was wearing a multi-colored shirt and blue jeans while holding a nitrous oxide tank between his legs as he passed out balloons. He claimed the tank wasn’t his when officers approached him. Police found balloons and determined them to be drug paraphernalia. Hastings was taken into custody and charged with a felony toxic vapors offense.

Tourist Ethan Davidson — too drunk for downtown Nashville

22-year-old tourist Ethan Davidson was found on the ground at 4th & Broadway late Friday night, with half of his body on the street and half on the sidewalk. Officers approached to check on his welfare and noted he reeked of alcohol and was visibly intoxicated. He was unable to assist officers with getting him back to his hotel or contacting anyone to retrieve him. He was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Kevin Blair charged in assault of man at Jason Aldean’s bar in downtown Nashville

Nathan Lipe was at Jason Aldean’s bar Saturday night when he believed he saw one of his friends. He attempted to gain the man’s attention by tapping him on his upper back. The man, who turned out o be 52-year-old tourist Kevin Blair, was not the friend he believed him to be. In response to the tap on the back, Blair turned without delay, and punched Lipe in the face twice, sending him to the hospital for his injuries. Blair initially told police he punched the man for grabbing his wife’s buttocks, but complete video of their interaction proved that allegation to be untrue. Blair was taken into custody and charged with assault and disorderly conduct.