Douglas Harris drunkenly brings dollar bills containing cocaine to booking

31-year-old Douglas Harris tried to enter a random apartment at the Tampa Drive apartments in the late hours of January 31st. The apartment resident stated Harris was beating on the door and yelling loudly. When the officers arrived, he pointed Harris out to them, so they drove over and called out to him, but he dismissively waved his hands. When they approached Harris, he held his hands together at his waistband, so they drew their pistol in self-defense, ordering him to show his hands, to which he complied. Officers detained him and tried to conduct an interview but noticed he was visibly intoxicated. A subsequent search led to them locating a bottle of Svedka Vodka and a dollar bill folded up with a small amount of cocaine in his front pocket.  During his arrest, he screamed, “Help me!” at the top of his lungs multiple times, annoying the apartment residents. Harris was taken into custody for resisting arrest, simple possession, public intoxication, and disorderly conduct. When they got him to the booking, deputies found two one-dollar bills containing cocaine in his wallet, consistent with the illicit transport of cocaine for use. Additionally, Harris was charged with having contraband in a penal institution.

Porsha Leggs found in stolen vehicle with cocaine, chore boy, Oxycodone

32-year-old Porsha Leggs was in a stolen Kia Sorento at the Discount Tobacco Center on Jenkins Street on January 22nd. Officers followed the vehicle to the alley near Rosa L Parks Boulevard and Garfield Street, where they observed Leggs exiting it. They detained her immediately, found that she had no valid driver’s license, and located the keys to the Sorento. A subsequent search led to them discovering two pipes, a chore boy scrubbing pad commonly used in smoking crack cocaine, some cocaine wrapped in paper, and four Oxycodone pills in a paper towel. Leggs was taken into custody for unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, two counts of simple possession, theft, and driving without a valid driver’s license.

Tyron Dalton drives on wrong side of road, caught with marijuana

20-year-old Tyron Lamont Dalton was driving the wrong way toward oncoming traffic by RiverGate Mall on November 6th. Officers observed this, conducted a traffic stop, and noticed a strong odor of marijuana as they approached the driver’s side. A probable cause search yielded a small blunt in a bag with Dalton’s ID. Dalton was booked on a citation for simple possession on December 11th.

Warner Earl Jones hotboxes car, caught with narcotics

25-year-old Warner Earl Jones was jailed on November 17th when officers spotted him coming out of a store and entering his car with tinted windows on John A Merit Boulevard. Officers watched him until he entered his vehicle and noticed all four tinted windows were too dark to see through. When they began to follow behind him, he sped off and made a U-turn, driving recklessly while other vehicles were on the road. Officers lost the car on the I-65 ramp. About 20 minutes later, officers spotted Jones and his vehicle on Jefferson Street as he entered a different store. Officers entered the parking lot and pulled right in front of the car, nose to nose. As he was exiting the convenience store, officers walked towards him. By the time officers caught up to him, he had already made it back inside his car. Officers commanded him to leave his vehicle, which he refused. They had to command him several times to step out. Once he did, a large amount of smoke exited the car with him. Officers asked if he had any drugs on him. First, he denied it and then admitted to having drugs in his car. Officers found a large amount of twenty dollar bills along with a bag of marijuana, a digital scale, plastic bags, 26.0 grams of cocaine laced with fentanyl, and 24.5 grams of methamphetamine. There was enough probable cause that the defendant was engaged in the sale of narcotics. Jones was charged and taken into custody.

MNPD interrupts William Jackson having sex in his car to search it, finds 1 gram weed & gun

22-year-old William Jackson was booked this week on two outstanding warrants from 2020, charging him with possession of marijuana and a handgun after Officer Sara Lober caught him with his pants down and engaged in sex with a woman in a car in a North Nashville apartment complex parking lot. Officer Lober interrupted the festivities and searched his vehicle, locating a .45 Taurus Judge and 1 gram of marijuana. She issued him citations on each charge, and he never showed up for booking.

14 Xanax Bars: Desiree Ivey charged with felony possession with intent after drug transaction

18-year-old Desiree Ivey is free on pre-trial release after Metro Nashville Police stopped a vehicle she was in with Austin Watts, which was observed by undercover detectives at it was involved in a drug transaction at a West Nashville Thornton’s. Though Austin claimed his one-ounce baggie of marijuana from the vehicle, a search of the Tahoe revealed 14 Xanax bars in a blue purse located in Ivey’s seat, along with $140 in cash. She claimed the purse and drugs belonged to her Aunt.

Austin Watts jailed after admitting a 1-ounce baggie of marijuana was his

Metro Nashville Police were conducting surveillance at the Thorntons on Charlotta Pike when they observed a hand-to-hand transaction between people in two vehicles. They approached the driver of one of the vehicles, 21-year-old Austin Watts, and briefly spoke with him while his passenger, Desiree Ivey, also spoke to officers and admitted to marijuana being in the vehicle after officers claimed to smell it. She produced a 1-ounce bag of marijuana Watts later admitted the marijuana was his and was taken into custody and charged with simple possession of marijuana.

Fugitive caught with drugs hanging from his neck

27-year-old Preston Jass was charged with possession of heroin, clonazepam, and alprazolam after officers identified him to have an active warrant and searched his person.

Man stopped in Lebanon for driving on a revoked license; has amphetamine in center console

45-year-old Corey Miller was charged with simple possession and driving on a revoked license after an LPD officer noticed a suspicious vehicle registered to a revoked driver.

Nashville woman and her boyfriend caught with fentanyl and marijuana in Lebanon

39-year-old Dreama Stacy and 43-year-old Patrick Merchant were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of fentanyl, and possession of marijuana with intent after being pulled over for improperly changing lanes.