Nicholas Thompson caught with loaded Glock 17 after riding as passenger during car crash

21-year-old Nicholas Thompson rode as a passenger in a vehicle that crashed near Korean Veterans Boulevard and 1st Avenue South on June 10th. After the crash, Thompson and the other occupants exited the car. Officers observed this and approached them, during which they noticed the vehicle reeked of marijuana. Officers then discovered the driver had an outstanding warrant. Officers searched the car and found a backpack in the back left passenger seat, where Thompson was sitting. The backpack contained a fully loaded semi-auto Glock 17. Officers also found several bags of marijuana throughout the car. Under Miranda, Thompson admitted to smoking marijuana about an hour before the crash and claimed the backpack was his. Thompson was then cited for the occurrence that day. Thompson was later booked on the citation of weapon possession while under the influence on July 5th.

Tabitha Hannon jailed after telling apartment security she has cocaine & magic mushrooms

26-year-old Tabitha Hannon went up to security and told them she had drugs on her at the Lea Avenue Central Apartments in the early hours of July 8th. Security alerted the authorities and advised them of what she had told security. Additionally, they said Hannon had 3.7 grams of cocaine and three psilocybin mushrooms. Then, when officers spoke with Hannon, she was unable to tell them what was happening due to her impairment. Hannon was then taken into custody for two counts of simple possession.

Bryan Espinoza-Camacho caught with marijuana after attempting to flee traffic stop

18-year-old Bryan Espinoza-Camacho was caught with marijuana after trying to flee police in a motor vehicle on Pennington Bend Road on July 5th. Officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the car and activated their emergency equipment. Camacho, however, did not stop, slow down, or respond to their equipment. Officers then used a pursuit termination device to stop Camacho, and he stopped his vehicle before making contact with the device. Officers then detained Camacho when he stopped and searched him, finding a pink vape. Officers then proceeded to search his vehicle, where they found a small baggie with a leafy green substance that Camacho admitted was marijuana. Camacho was then taken into custody for evading arrest, possession of a controlled substance, and tobacco possession while under the age of 21.

Jarmal Prewitt caught with Adderall and brass knuckles outside of Rippy’s Honky Tonk

35-year-old Jarmal Prewitt was caught standing outside of Rippy’s Honky Tonk with a warrant at 11:40 p.m. on June 23rd. Officers were conducting a warrant service at the location looking for Prewitt. Officers located Prewitt and took him into custody. Upon searching Prewitt, officers located brass knuckles, a marijuana blunt weighing 1.7 grams, and several Adderall pills. When asked about what officers found, Prewitt admitted that the marijuana and brass knuckles were his but did not claim the Adderall. Prewitt was charged with possession of a controlled substance, disorderly conduct, possession of a prohibited weapon, and possession of a legend drug on June 24th.

DUI: Niki Branner jailed after nearly crashing into officer’s car on Briley Parkway

28-year-old Niki Branner was seen almost crashing into an officer’s car on Briley Parkway on June 23rd. Officers observed a black Jeep Grand Cherokee speed past them and immediately slowed down. Officers continued to drive, but as they approached the vehicle in the left lane, it came into their lane, almost hitting them. Officers conducted a traffic stop and approached Branner’s vehicle. As authorities interacted with Branner, they noticed a bag of marijuana. Officers asked Branner if she had smoked that day. Branner admitted that she had smoked 1-2 blunts before she started driving. Officers then asked her if she had any alcoholic beverages before driving. Branner told officers that she did not have any. Branner told officers that she had a gun belonging to her child’s father, so she was asked to exit her car. Officers then took the suspected bag of marijuana and the weapon. Branner agreed to perform sobriety tests, but she performed poorly on the tests, showing numerous indicators of intoxication. After searching the vehicle, officers found an open plastic cup containing an alcoholic drink. Branner was taken into custody for possession of a weapon under the influence, possession of a controlled substance, having an open container of alcohol, driving under the influence, and implied consent on June 24th.

Nathaniel Caine asks mother to come to traffic stop where he has 19.6 grams of marijuana

24-year-old Nathaniel Bakari Caine was seen driving a gray BMW X5 without a seatbelt and using his phone on Dickerson Pike late June 26th. After observing this, officers conducted a traffic stop and instructed Caine to pull into the Dollar General parking lot nearby. When they approached the driver’s side, they requested Caine’s identification, but he told them he did not have his license. Caine added that he was headed to his girlfriend’s house and did not think he needed it. During their interaction, officers noticed a strong marijuana odor and asked if there was any in his vehicle. At first, Caine refused to answer, but shortly after, he said yes without clarifying exactly where it was. While officers detained Caine, he became resistive, so they placed him in the back of their patrol car. While searching Caine’s vehicle, they located a plastic baggie with 19.6 grams of marijuana. After they seized it, they returned to the patrol car and overheard Caine talking to who he identified as his mother, telling her to hurry up and come to the traffic stop. Officers removed his belongings and tried to place him back into the patrol car, but he started resisting again. Caine was then taken into custody for simple possession and resisting arrest.

Malachi Nelson steals $45,000 worth of property after breaking into woman’s home

32-year-old Malachi Nelson was seen trespassing with marijuana on him at The Greyhound Bus Station near Rep John Lewis Way South on June 20th. When officers arrived on the scene, it was for an unrelated call. Staff flagged down officers and told them they wanted Nelson to be banned from returning to the property. Officers then spoke with Nelson and told him he would be arrested for trespassing if he returned. Officers then left the scene and received a call from the same location shortly after. The caller stated that Nelson had climbed the fence into the property and threatened to kill everybody inside the bus station. When officers arrived on the scene, Nelson was still on the property, and since officers had previously warned him, he was taken into custody for trespassing.

During a search of Nelson, officers located a small amount of marijuana inside of a small plastic bag. Officers also located several other suspicious items, including a photo ID and a debit card that belonged to a female and not Nelson. When asked about the items, he stated that he did not know where they came from or how long he had had them. Officers then discovered that the owner of the ID card had made a call and was waiting for officers to make a report about a burglary that had occurred. The suspect’s description of the burglary matched Nelson’s, and specific details about his clothing were included in the description. The victim of the burglary also had doorbell camera footage, which officers viewed, showing Nelson entering and exiting through the unlocked front door. He was seen carrying a stolen laptop and several bags containing two PlayStation 5 consoles, a MacBook laptop, multiple sets of car keys, house keys, an ID card, a debit card, $1,100 cash, an Audemars Piguet watch, designer clothing, and a Chromebook laptop. The value of the stolen property is valued to be more than $45,000, and Nelson was taken into custody for aggravated burglary, criminal trespass, and possession of a controlled substance. Nelson was recently arrested before this incident on June 18th for breaking into a US Bank ATM with a large rock.

Christopher Matus caught with heroin after officers discover outstanding warrant

35-year-old Christopher Matus was involved in a personal injury accident at Armory Oaks Drive on June 18th. During the investigation, officers discovered that Matus’ license had been revoked. Officers also learned that Matus had an outstanding warrant for his arrest from White Bluff, Tennessee, with extradition. Following Matus’ release from the hospital, officers conducted a search of his person. During the search, officers located a small off-white rock in a nicotine pouch box, which Matus later admitted was Heroin. Matus was taken into custody for simple possession and driving on a revoked license.

DUI: Leah Farrior caught with 1.68 grams of marijuana after crashing her car

25-year-old Leah Farrior had a single-vehicle accident near Logistics Way and Old Hickory Boulevard on June 17th. Upon arrival, officers located Farrior and noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from her while she showed signs of impairment. When asked, Farrior denied any drug or alcohol consumption. After consenting to sobriety tests, she performed poorly and was detained for the occurrence. During an inventory vehicle search, officers found 1.68 grams of marijuana and a smoked “roach” in the center console. She agreed to provide officers with a breath sample, which resulted in 0.085% BAC. Farrior was taken into custody for simple possession and driving under the influence.

DUI: Raul Martinez smokes right before officers catch him with 5 grams of marijuana

22-year-old Raul Martinez was caught driving under the influence in the parking lot of a supply store near Oldham Street on June 6th. Officers observed the vehicle in the parking lot and approached the vehicle but noticed a strong smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Officers then made contact and asked Martinez why he was parked there, to which Martinez stated he was driving around town and stopped in the parking lot. Martinez admitted to officers that he was smoking marijuana inside the vehicle. Officers then proceeded to search the vehicle, and officers located 5.97 grams of marijuana, a glass pipe, and a digital scale. Officers then asked Martinez when the last time he smoked was. Martinez admitted to smoking right before officers arrived on the scene and spoke with him. Based on the smell of the marijuana, officers finding paraphernalia, and Martinez’s admittance, officers determined he was under the influence of marijuana while operating a motor vehicle. Martinez was taken into custody for possession, DUI, and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.