DUI: Kanette Campbell attempts to bite officers during blood draw, flushes pills in toilet

38-year-old Kanette Latrease Campbell collided with a white Chevy Tahoe on I-40 East near mile marker 216 early March 25th. When officers arrived, they observed the Tahoe and the grey Chevy Malibu, which belonged to Campbell, with extensive, disabling damage. The Tahoe had heavy rear-end damage, and the Malibu sustained front-end damage, suggesting a severe rear-end collision. Officers spoke to Campbell, and she admitted to being the driver and sole occupant of the Malibu. When medical personnel asked her if she wanted to be transported to the hospital, Campbell appeared confused. Campbell then repeatedly stated, “Whatever my children want me to do,” since they were on the scene of the collision. Eventually, Campbell refused medical attention, consented to sobriety tests, and performed poorly on them. Campbell then declined to provide a chemical sample after being informed about implied consent. The driver of the Tahoe was transported to a local hospital with pain in his back and legs. Campbell was transported to Nashville General Hospital, where she had to be restrained for her blood to be obtained since she kept refusing and resisting after being told to stop multiple times.  During the blood draw, she tried to bite officer’s hands, putting them in fear while they were restraining her. Additionally, Campbell discarded multiple unknown pills when she used the bathroom in the presence of Hospital Staff. Later, officers found two pills in Campbell’s pocket. One was an Ibuprofen, and the other was a muscle relaxer, but she did not have a prescription. Campbell was taken into custody for legend drug possession, tampering with evidence, resisting arrest, implied consent, driving under the influence, and the assault of an officer.

Taquishia Combs caught with pills after fight at WeGo Transit Center

31-year-old Taquisha Renee Combs wrestled with another female near the bus bay area at the WeGo Transit Center in Downtown Nashville on the morning of March 10th. When officers observed this, they approached and attempted to break up the altercation, but both parties continued to punch and grab each other. The officers separated and detained them and located three unidentified white pills during a search after her arrest, which she did not have a prescription for. Combs was taken into custody for resisting arrest, legend drug possession without a prescription, and disorderly conduct.

Bar patrons clap & celebrate as police remove Jeff Serra from Margaritaville Hotel in downtown Nashville

Staff at the Margaritaville Hotel in downtown Nashville say 43-year-old Jeffrey Serra was extremely intoxicated and causing a disturbance, so he was asked to leave. He closed out his tab but refused to leave the property, stating he had an issue with the amount he had just paid. Metro Nashville Police arrived to find him extremely intoxicated and still arguing about the tab. He was asked to step outside and discuss the matter with them, but he refused and became more belligerent and escalated to screams and shouts, disrupting other patrons. As police exported him from the property, the entire bar clapped during his departure. A search incident to arrest revealed a rolled marijuana blunt in a cigarette pack and 5 Oxycodone pills that were not in a bottle that was prescribed to him.

Murfreesboro Pike: ‘Sippin on Some Syrup’ arrest

27-year-old Jonathon Spikner was charged with possession of cocaine, codeine without a prescription, and drug paraphernalia after officers observed a digital scale inside a vehicle while patrolling at Mapco on Murfreesboro Pike.

Man caught with Adderall, cocaine scores a DUI after crooked park job

25-year-old Dakota Daniel was charged with legend drug possession without prescription, no driver’s license, driving under the influence, and possession of cocaine after he did not stop at an intersection, parked crooked in a parking lot, and was then approached by police.