DUI: Mario Haynes crashes on Briley Parkway while high on Oxycodone

59-year-old Mario Haynes had a single-vehicle accident on Briley Parkway West near Mile Marker 22 in the afternoon hours of April 13th. When officers arrived, medics advised them that Haynes was in and out of consciousness, possibly having a “medical episode,” and needed to be transported to Skyline Medical. Witnesses told officers that he was behind Haynes for about a mile and a half, during which his left signal blinker changed numerous times as he swerved toward the shoulder and back to the middle lane until he hit the guardrail. He added that Haynes was driving as if he was falling asleep.

Officers searched his vehicle before it was towed and discovered a plastic sandwich bag containing a pill bottle with a blue pill, later identified as Oxycodone, three straws with a powdery substance, a pill cutter, and a plastic storage bottle with a single razor blade wrapped in toilet paper and an empty manilla envelope. When they arrived at Skyline Medical, Haynes was being assessed by the staff, and after he returned from getting scans, he admitted to having an Oxycodone pill and being impaired while driving. He was informed about implied consent and agreed to provide a blood sample. Haynes was cited for the occurrence and booked on the citation of driving under the influence, legend drug possession, and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia on May 3rd.